19 January journal

Good morning folks Thursday rain here. We’ve needed some more rain. We were actually behind last year on rain. Looks like we might make up for it. 

My sicky feeling is still here. I don’t feel worse and i don’t feel better either. If i still feel like this tomorrow, my evening plans will not be happening for me. I hate to not attend. Yet I’ve got to get to feeling better. Thanks to my lovely boss who shared just like his momma told him to, lol. And yes I’m at work of all places. 

Today, felt lipstick was a waste and didn’t put any on. Not that it will make me feel any better or worse. 

Now I am after 6pm And just finished working again. These people really need to learn to let go of calling me ALL the time. Especislly one leporcaun guy. Every 20-45 minutes he is ringing my phone. He is as needy as a new born baby. Then swears nothing that happens could possibly be his fault even if it is.

I am getting really tired and about to passout. I do feel better and yet i still need some rest. More rest that is. Well I am not getting any rest. Just simply passing out as usual. I am still attempting to decide what to wear to the banquet next week. I am usure of such classy things at this time. So I am researching to see if anything in my wardrobe is Banquet material. Maybe one or two dresses. That is it. So I will decide something this weekend.

Well Folks I am off to bed even though its only 1815. Have a great evening Folks

Love Candi

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