13 January Journal

Good afternoon folks, it’s Friday. The thirteenth to be better proved as it really is. I try not to put much stock into superstition but today had proved otherwise. Mostly decent other than the rest of the w week sucked and today as no exception. I hate that this world we’ve come to is full of laziness. I’m still cleaning up messes of papers from 6-8-12-24 months ago. I’m not sure it will ever end. Just when you think you’ve got a light at the end of the tunnel, a box or drawer reveals more unfinished business. 

Luckily I’m off now, the doctor office is where i sit. The last visit went well with an increase in spiro and hopefully that today will result in an increase of estrogen. Then I’m thinking I’ll go get a mani Pedi. At the very least pay a bill or two. I could really use a nail job. I need a hair trim add well and made that appointment yesterday for next Saturday. That way I’m not all string out tomorrow. I need the rest and our monthly meeting is tomorrow. I really just wanna sleep. But will see what happens. 

Anyhow, a guy sits next to me at the waiting room and he smells like he missed a restroom visit. I feel sorry for him and can’t dare move away as it may be construed as racism. I sure don’t want that. Especially from a fellow veteran. 

I’m thinking tonight may be a Mexican food night. The place we used to go to has changed names and we may try it out again. It used to be really good but was closed for a while. Now it’s reopened. 

Well Since I started writing this, I have made it home, Got my new prescription, payed off a bill completely, and ordered pizza for dinner. I am flat worn out and just dont feel like going anywhere. 

In the HRT Front, well, as i suspected I have to adjust my pill taking to 3 times a day. I am now on 6 MG of Estrogen and 300 of Spirolactone a day. I was told that I have to take it 3 times a day in smaller amounts to not overload my system obviously. Anyway, I will see what happens there. I was in the DOcs office enfem for the first time and he was absolutely amazed at the transformation. I have been asked, by my second pharmacist and the tool guy who occasonaly comes by, if i had any opposition at work and life in my transition. I had to answer no problems with only one exception, my parents. It really has gone pretty good. I still say its all about attitude. Poor attitude, poor return, good attitude and good return. Back to the mid day dose of HRT, I gotta figure out how I am going to remember that. I have a bad habit of not taking the stuff at noon that needs taken at noon. I may take it with me but then forget to take it. So I sure dont want to forget this. I will figure something out. 

Well Folks, I am starving, waiting on the Pizza to Show up is taking forever when one is this hungry. ASide from that I am good and ready for bed. I hope it comes soon so i can get my tummy straight. We

WEll Folks Its time to say audios. Have a great evening.

Love Candi

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