12 January Journal

Good morning folks it’s Thursday. The wind about blew me off the road today. What a bummer that is, i feel like I’m in Texas again. Holy wow….

It’s another early morning. Had to stop at another location and pick up papers and files Lord i wish someone would get their head out of their backsides. 

Anyway i managed to get home before 6pm rk tired to takea nap, got maybe forty five minutes and had to start dinner. I am flat worn out again today. Anyways but much else happening. 

I really need to make a hair dresser appointment. This mop on my head is getting kinda unruly. My bangs are to long and the ends need trimmed up a touch. Get things evened out. Also have our monthly meeting this Saturday. Seems i got busy at home again. It’s not even stopped being busy at home to be honest. Name change stuff and that thing going on, I’m just going to have to stop. 

On the HRT front, i did notice that when i get rested is when my boobs start being extra sore. I know rest is a key component to body changes and getting better. Not to mention staying better. Everything in your body gets regulated better actually. So i know and am going to have to make certain i get plenty of rest. Decent rest not just a get home and pass out kind. Reducing my stress load would help quite a bit too. But that’s going to have to be a mind over matter thing. Lol.

Well, i gotta get back to the groove of the day. Have a great dayd folks.


Love Candi

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