11 January journal

Good humpday morning Flolks. It’s a rainy day again here. I’ve not posted due to work. Today i got up an hour earlier, yes that’s two in the morning for those that only see it come after being awake that long. I had to go to another location to deal with an issue before morning start up. this crap is getting old really fast. This location has no maintenance so the supervisor, that’s me, gets to call with the problem. No extra pay, no gratitude nothing. So as i wait for this automated process to complete I’m trying to write this post. 

Monday and Tuesday both resulted in twelve hour days. Today probably no different. The temp agency person had been decided to be let go sure to lack of performance. Actually that person’s best performance is running their mouth and not much else. So now I’m going to be short a person. 

Transitioning, it’s been pretty good. Work finally had all the programs finished yesrtday on my name change. I thought they would never get that fixed. About the only things I’ve got left to get the name changed on is the vehicles. Not only the payment people on mistress car, but also at the state for all three vehicles to register them. I have my doctors appointment Friday, which i had to go to Monday and get my name all fixed there. I think i posted about the issue on my prescriptions. So i decided to wait on those getting called back in until Friday. As i may get a change in the meds. I know i have had a change Everytime I’ve been. So I’ll wait and see and then go from there. 

Well, as I’m sitting here in wishing the site Person would come open the door. My bladder isn’t going to take much more of this. Anyway, i guess I’m ending here. Hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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