8 January Journal

Good Sunday Morning folks. Its now 0500, whata morning already. I got up around 345, answered momma nature. then found that there is no water. WHY????? I forgot to leave the water running and a small spot of pipe comes out of the ground, enters the undersde of the house and if not left with water running through it, well, it will freeze up. Half an hour later, outside in the snow and 13 degree temps, I was with hair dryer and extension cord an had cleared the freeze up. Finally coffee time!!!!!! 

I did not get my prescriptions yesterday. Though my Pharmacist is a wonderfull cutie pie. He gave me 3 days worth of Estrgen and Spiro. My old name is still at the doctors office. So the scripts are sent in my old name. Only thing is they only sent one and not both. Yet even then I cannot get it as I am not MR. XXX I am Mrs.XXX now. I had changed things at the dentist and pharmacy along with other places and did not think much aout the doctors office as I am going there this coming up friday. If had I know that I was going to get thi problem I would have gone on to the doctor for paperwork changes. I am now doing that this coming monday as I need to get it done. Only a old woman would forget to do such an important thing like that. I used to claim being blonde, but I havent been blond since i was an early teen. Now its graying and I use the gray hair excuse for forgetting. I say it like this, “It is the blonde, um gray hair that made me do it.”

OK So I am watching TV. THere is a comercial on about a clip a phone. A baseball cap device to put your phone on to you can record and or snap pics without holding your phone in your hands. Novel Idea, sort of. Certain uses they are showing you cannot use them as the local laws require a helmet for bike and skate use. Then OSHA Requires the use of hard hats on other places. If that isnt an issue, Who wants to run around with a phone on their head? You look like a goober doing such thing. Now it has its place and may folk will get a good use out of it. BUt a fashion statement it is not. I had to laugh.

So now I have eaten breakfast, and been watching I love lucy on the TV. The sleepies have set in. I usually get this way after breakfast of eggs. I dont really understand it either. Just that it happens.Maybe eggs have triptophan in them. That enzyme in turkey that makes  you sleepy. 

The news is claiming it is 8 degrees. WE arent supposed even get above freezing again today. 29 is the high temp for today. YUCK Though its not that bad really. I am partly awake now and I am thinking I may be fighting something off. I passed out yet again. I guess I am just going to go with it and sleep. Tomorrow is the beginning of the week and I have to get back to the grind again of the work stuff. I am getting to where I hate going to work. The stress of being a supervisor isnt for me in my mind. But everyone seems to think i should be one. This has happened all through my life. I have always been put into a supervisor position only to walk away from it with-in a year. The stresses are usually just to much for me to handle and I have to walk away for what I feel are health reasons. I may have to do that again. All though i do not really want to leave the company, that may be the only way out for me. 

Well I got a notice From WP yesterday or sometime there abouts, a post i started and never finished. I am going to go back and look at what i wrote as it is several months old and see about finishing it. I hope you all have a great day. Mistress and I are not doing anything today. IF we do its not going to be leaving the house to do anything. we are just cjhilling out. OH LORD I cannot spell again oops. Have a great day folks

LOve Candi

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