7 January Journal

Good Saturday MOrning folks. It is 15 degrees here, wind chills in the single digits as the wind is blowing quite good out there. THe sky is clear and that has allowed the temps to drop as the “blanket” isnt there anymore. I know others have had it much worse than we have. Then to top it off, the next week starts kinda cold then warms up and starts raining. I am getting kinda cabin feverish right now. Mostly because we have decided to stay home. BUt we needed the rest. 

This last week has been rather akin to hell week. ITs like if it could go bad it has. I am hoping for a much better week this next week. I Also Know I am rather tired of driving my pick up to work. 60 MIles a day round trip to work is killing the pocket book. Not to mention the holidays killed us there also. So things are rather tight in the bank department. This morning I woke up with my first headache of any major pain since May. I think its due to the lack of moving aroung and having any exercise. I also spent a better part of yesterday sleeping, laying on the couch and being lazy. MY body just doesnt care for being idle. I have been that way for as long as I can remember. It doesnt help that it seems like all i have been doing for the last 3 weeks is eat. Luckily I am not putting on to much weight just yet. I will have to change that. needing to do exercise is going to have to be a key thing this year, especially winter time. As my new position at work has me sitting at the desk doing reports mostly all day, i am not getting the exercise i need and am used to. So I have got to get up and get moving around. I am also going to have to keep a check on the amount of food I injest. Doing nothing and eating to much isnt any good for anyone. Not to mention I refuse to get obese and sit idly by doing nothing. I Will have to make some work adjustments or something, but i have to have restd also.

On the HRT Front, I go to the Doctor this coming friday for my check up. Hopeful that an increase in Estrodial will happen. I also have an appointment with my therapist the following tuesday as Ihave not seen her in a few months and have somethings bothering me. Mostly the lack of a thanks from my folks for what I sent them. I guess I just need to get over it. Aint nothing but a thing now isnt it? BUt a thing that hurts rather deep none the less. MY breasts seem to be growing rather well these days especially when I get some rest. My beard has slowed in grwoth and I can get through an entire day on one shave, which is great. I dont have to be Cinderella at the ball with a short time to get home before the beautiful turns to rags, LOL. I always hated the fact that I had to be home in a couple hours to get rid of my male face that shown through the make up during that time. And as of right now, I am good that I can make an entire day and still go to dinner if so needed.

The Sun is now up and the twinkles of light off the frozen snow is beautiful. I have ate breakfast of cream o wheat and cinamon toast. Trying to get back on a better diet of foods that will be healthier and overly filling. BEsides, its cold out and the Cream O Wheat works great to warm a frozen soul. My headache is finally going away and I am feeling better now. BUt the beauty outside is immeasurable.

Well Folks, I am off to watch my saturday westerns and go to the pharmacy for my prescriptions. Hope you all have a great day!!!

Love Candi

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