6 January Journal

Good Afternoon Folks ITs FRIDAY!!! And Guess what? Some one was kind enough to share with us the wonderfull prettiness of nature…..

Not that we dont love it, WE LOVE IT. At least me and Mistress do. However the folks here dont know how to drive in this stuff. ITs like they lost their minds. “OMG THere is white stuff and now I dive like an idiot because i got 4wd or I drive to slow because i am scared and shouldnt be out here, but lets see if i can die”, kind of people. So I ended up going to work before the snow started and by the time I got to work the world was white. They didnt call off the work day until well after the scheduled time to start and a few folks were pissed that they waited so long. I was too but stayed as I had paperwork to do anyway and the pay me no matter if I am there or not. 

So today I have found that much of my name change stuff has been completed at work. My email and a couple of program logins are adjusted. I was sent an email that some would take 24 hours to finalize. SO I replied that a couple items seemed to still be a miss and I would check again on monday. If certain things are done I wont reply back. One program I have to go back and get with a different person. One of my logins is completely gone. I can get it fixed. no big issue. 

So I did manage a nap today, grocery store and am doing baked potatoes for dinner. I am still dealing with a sore mouth, and cannot eat much more than a soft potato. SO while at the store we agreed on a cold day of baked potatoes for dinner. I am looking forward to that too. I have some canned Hormel chili and cheese and other soft fixin’s for this. so I will enjoy life tonight in my own little way. YAY!!!!

I am going to get off here now. Have a great evening and we will enjoy our white peacefulness of snow while it lasts.

LOve Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    Your posts are soo fun to read, soo happy,thank you for writing them.


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