3 January Journal

Good Morning folks its Tuesday. Or should I say the perverbial monday. Lord  dont want to go to work. My daughter i safe at her friends house in texas as of about 4 pm Yesterday. So I am not as cry babyish as I was. Even She wanted more time here but duty calls as usual. 

So As we begin the work week of a new year remember to hold your heads up. I am sure I am going to be stirring the pot this week with the full time presentation of my feminine self. I have already put a couple ladies into shock over the weeks off. As they were not prepared to see me that way. But I am sure that as the word of my transition gets around there will be someone with something assholy to say. But I am ready for such things. Come and take me idiots lol…..

Last night I was so rested and restless that I couldnt get myself to sleep. I just wasnt ready for bed my bed time of 7pm. So I am hoping that today I can make it with the little sleep I have gotten. I am not having much to say as there is nothing going on. Just speculations and I assume everything is right in my part of this world.

Well the day turned into a toad of a day. YUCKY. Wet weather, Crappy morning that just cant stop being crappy. I understand that yes, Karma is a bitch. WEll I am going to have to be a bigger and better bitch. Dinner is cooked and my part eaten. The rest for Mistress and possibly lunch. I had hoped that it would have went or made more. But anyway we will see how much if left.

Well I am finally worn out from the day. Actually “finally” isnt the correct issues here. I am finally settling down. So that ends this worhtless post. I am way to tired from three or five days off and need to get off of the looking at computer screens. I am rather pooped out on that today. Have a great evening folks

Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    i do love to read your work, take care of you my dear friend.


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