2 January Journal

Good morning folks. The day is foggy cloudy, and storms coming in. My daughter is on her way home to texas. She was sick to her stomach last night and was up all night. I hope she gets home ok. I am worried to death about her and that car she has. I only wished I could help her more. I am crying because I fear the worst. Good thing I have not put my face on today or it would be all over my clothes as i have been crying that much. A big part of me didnt want her to go. Another part is some what glad they are here. But in the grand scheme of things, we had a wonderful visit. It was fun and we got to reconnect some on a different level. Not just parent and child like we had, but as parent and adult child with their own child. Guidance and such is different now. And I my worries are much different than they were when they were little and living at home. I have seen that she has a good head on her shoulders and is not the ditsy little girl I had at home years ago. So I do worry but also know she has grown into a woman with great power of the brain with common sense and a sense of duty to protect her child. So I should just dry it up and guide her as she continues to support herself and her kid. As I write this I look down and find that her laptop wall plug is still here. Oh lordy, I called her and will ship it out this weekend. Along with a couple cups that we gave her that got left behind as well.

I can see the fog has lifted some here as I look out the door. The thinder is rumbling and maybe here it will start raining. We have temps to drop tomorrow evening and be pretty darn cold here. Thats not this post actually. Weather isnt the thing one should always discuss in this frame of mind. 

So today I am not even putting my face on. I am going to go shower and spend the day resting. I need it, Mistress needs it. The last two weeks has been full of wonderful stresses of the holidays. Unlike the stresses of years past. The last two weeks has really strained our bank books as well. I have a very small amount to get through this week and to pay catchup on the bills again this week I will be strapped again next. But I will say it was well worth the troubles. With our way of paying things these days we should be ok pretty quick.I have never been so happy to spend my money on other folks like i was this year. Even though some was seemingly in vain, I think it will account for something in the future. 

Well I am going to get my shower and start feeling a touch better for the day. Rest and relax before my 3 am wake up call tomorrow. I am dreading going back to work tomorrow. Though I do look forward to it as I have to finish up a few things to get my name changed on my email and change a male part on one of my program logins. Why they felt the need to leave that male name in () i have no idea. I went through to much trouble to get it changed to be reminded of such things in the future. So I hope you all have a great day. If you arent working, well, relax. If you are working, My appologies, and hope your day goes well. 

LOVE Candi

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