26 December Journal

Good Monday Morning folks, its a balmy 65 degrees in memphis. I managed the weather only this morning and am watching MOrk and Mindy. We had a wonderful time yesterday. Chattanooga, lookout mountain, Lynchburg, and lots of night time christmas lights in the squares of little towns. Out of all of those little towns we went through Bolivar had to have the best Town Square. NO sorry we did not get a picture. We got home, unloaded and had our showers. At 9pm I was in the bed passed smooth out. Mistress passed out as well it seemed as she was on the couch when I got up around 5am this morning.

I have my Coffee, Real Perculator coffee complete wiht flavor and grinds on the bottom of the cup. YUMMY! We are both glad to be home but wished we could have seen more than what we did. Christmas is nice and lovely, yet when you get somewhere they arent open or are closing early. We were lucky that the Dennys was open in Knoxville. Shoneys was closed all through the state. WE were so Glad to get home actually. Traveling around makes us worn out and we have yet to fidgure out how folks can do it on a regular basis. Thats why I am no truck driver. Sitting in that seat all day long, eating out every day, nasty toilets and all that stuff, it gets rather yucky and tiring. 

So we checked our mail at the mail post yesterday on the way home. We got our christmas cards and I got another present as well. This present came from the US governement. My new SS card is here. YAY, YIPPY!! I need to go in to work today and scan and get this name change stuff happening. I need all my logins, and names changed on all the systems I have to use. This Includes Email, maintenance softwares and the company home page of our intra/internet. I need this stuf changed as folks will need to learn who I am and yet New folks hired will meet me as Candice and not CXXXX. This will be a hard thing for corporate I am sure. Not to mention I may have issues at the bank if my paycheck is male and the bank is female in nature. Tuesday I plan on going to the bank. Being that the bank is closed today I have to wait. But I can get stuff at work done and get the monday items for work taken care of like approve time for the employees. I am at a loss on how to word my email to HR on why it is important to get this done as quickly as possible. I hate to drop a bomb on them but this has to be done. I sure hope it isnt an issue. But after going to court and worrying about that so much and then the DL office, I am not stressed as i once was. 

Speaking of stressed, I am not as stressed going to the restroom as i once was. yeah I still have my issues, but, not like i was. My only real fear is not going into the restroom, its not finding an open bathroom. I cannot jusst whip it out, and potty like i used to. I have to have a rest room or a very secluded area in which to bare my back side and well you know. When you have a bladder the size of a pea, well, going is an issue especially while traveling or shopping. 

I had an entire several more paragraph POst made out for this day. But most of it got lost as this tablet is kinda funky about the WordPress app. If you dont save and or do certain things all will be lost. I am lucky the above paragraphs were saved and I managed to recover them some how. 

Well anyway, I made it to work, made my scans of paperwork and sent it off to the Corp HR department to get everything changed. I tried to be sweet but at the same time state that this needs to be adjusted/changed for various reason and stated they could call if they needed more info. So I am waiting again on that. Now that I have that done, tomorrow I will be going to the Bank. I have to get that done. That was rather mind blowing this past weekend to have to show my ID When paying for something. They only did it to verify that I am the person on the card. Yet, I am not legally the person on the card now. The name on my card and the name on my License is different and I obviously dont really look like a person of male name. 

Have a great evening folks. I am about to head off to bed. I have to get some rest as we went shopping again today. I am worn out, and had no plan to be gone away from the house as long as we were. 

Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Yay you got your card….. it’s almost coming together. I am so happy for you…..

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah it’s going pretty good sweetie. Except i want some pants like yours, except for gb not Steelers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. littleannab says:

        I will remember that. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. littleannab says:

        Greenbay. I am on a mission to find a pair. 🙂


  2. oh my gosh! I’ve been away for too long!!! So much going on with you and I’m so proud I just want to cry, Candace!! And I want to punch some people but I’m so glad there is kindness too while you’re making things official. ❤

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