25 december journal

Merry Christmas Folks, Hope you are all getting what you want. I know I have. Well, sort of, Do you know how hard it is to find stuff with Candice on it? Its Impossible. We actually found a shot glass with Mistress name on it. Her name is like next to impossible to find as well. Even the Initial is hard to find. But we found a shot glass wth a confederate battle flag on it, and it has her name on it with the great smokey moutains under all that. What a wonderful find and we bought it. 

SO I have to tell you folks of the funny from yesterday. We all know of the NC house bill that has created such a stir. Well, we wound up in NC. 

Well So here we are, and the other side of that sign is NC and where the restroom is that I just gotta visit before I blow a gasket. 

So down the hill we go to the restroom. Sadly I could not wash my hands, as there are no sinks. There was some sanitizer on the wall but I didnt see it as i was searching frantically for the sink. Not finding a sink I left the restroom. 

Actually no one really cares or problably knows which way I am actually am. I bring this up as everyone has called us both ladies. We have been asked if it is separate checks at restaurants. That separate check thing has been a sore subject with Mistress. It didnt bother me at first, but now its getting kind of old. It means one of two things, I am passing and people cant tell, or they are just making me feel good about my self. When it was first happening, I was glad, it meant that i was doing what i needed, to be a woman in the world. Now that I feel I have proven that I am rather tired of the “is this separate checks thing”. Even though I told mistress to get used to it a couple months ago.

So I paid for us to get into the titanic museum.I was then asked for my ID when i presented my card, HOLY CRAP> i knew that would happen sooner or later. Male name on the card and Female name and sex on my ID. So i had to explain things to this fellow. WOW< That darn SS card needs to get here soon so I can at a minimum get the bank dealt with quickly. I didnt mind being carded, it was the mismatch that bothered me. could i be accused of theft? Could I go to jail? All this runs though my head everytime i pay for something with my card. I gotta get this changed.

We have decided that we need separate Suitcases. I need to pack somethings that she doenst. I have gotten to where I pack like a woman, and she only packs a few things. I need makeup, shoes, clothes, coats and  jackets. The one small suitcase just isnt enough for both of us now days. I used to could pack in an army ruck sack. These days, well even that suit case we are using isnt large enough for, me. I have to pack to I am not wrinkled, then add that I am an amazonian woman and shoes are huge and clothing is just as large. But we will work through this when we get back. Right now We have two extra bags. My old CVC bag that I am using for the lighted makeup mirror, Make up, toilet bag with the bath stuff and tooth brushes in it. another bag for our meds and electrical chargers and my tablet thingy. They were packed to gills already, then add new shoes, clothes and whatever else we bought and there just is no room. That makes the car look horrendous when we are traveling around. I think we both need new suitcases. BUt I am nt going to push her into one. If she doesnt want one then that is fine. But I Will go get me one here soon. As I am needing one, I never know when the job is going to send me someplace. Hopefully not before I have all my travel stuff set, like the bank, SS card and what not mainly the work records, so when I get tickets from work, that I wont have issues at the airport or anyother travel place that needs such.

Anyhow, its Christmas day, Lest we not forget why we set aside this day. Its not for personal gain, or giving material gifts. This is all fine and dandy I suppose, but really isnt why this day has been set aside so many years ago. I think it was more about love and peace, time with family and remembering Christ. MAny folks do not believe in any of this. Some people only believe in death and destruction, hate and predjudice. As we travel back home today, we will be stopping in little towns along the way. WE are in no hurry to get home and want to see a few things while we are out and about. Yes we know these things will be closed. However it is the journey thats important more so than the destination. Even as I transition I dont lose track of enjoying life like i once did. I was usually in a big hurry for lots of things. Yeah I like to get up and get moving, but I do take time to reflect as i am here while writing this. Life seems to be only focused on the end rather than the path. So as you enjoy your christmas, try to remember your journey to where you are now. Remember your family and friends and give them all a shout out to say Merry Christmas.

I am off to get ready for the day of travel and to find some silly coffee. These rooms have nothing in the coffee department. Then I can Get alive while I drink it waiting for mistress to get herself ready for our traveling day. Lastly, Someone commented on my writing like a lady yesterday. I didnt know there was such a thing. I do try to be respectable and polite in my topics. Though sometime the reason I get onto some topics are because they are under my skin over hate and such. I do try not to dwell on such things. There is enough of that kind of thing on the news. But if it is affecting me some how then yes I  feel i need to discuss it, only after i try to get all the true and real facts. Anyway its all about how I feel and hoping to keep peoples views of trans folks in a positive light. We have our own troubles that start when we are concieved. Until we deal with them and people listen to us, we never can get ourselves straighten out. BUt we if we are older have to make sure we become happy. Thats what I try to do in my writing. Hope you all enjoy your Christmas day. We will for sure. 

Love Candi

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  1. Merry Christmas, Candi. Love the pictures.


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  2. Selina says:

    I always find your writing to have a degree of “realness” to it that also makes me THINK about how I interact with Transgender people if/when I meet them…ensuring I am more sensitive to what they are dealing with and giving them that respect. So I would like to take this moment to say “Thank you” for that gift!

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    1. candicejune says:

      Youre Welcome, Thank you too! 🙂

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  3. littleannab says:

    I agree. We are all human. Gender, color abd etc should not be an issue. Treat people how you would want to be treated.
    Also I do also think you write like a woman this is not a bad thing. I feel I can identify and understand your feelings and your thoughts. You are just more open an honest. Which is perfect. I can’t wait for all your ducks to be in a row and you can just relax, not stress and be the wonderful you, Candice that you are. Xoxo

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    1. candicejune says:

      I’ve always written that way. Mistress gets so mad that i can get through things that way. And the fact she can’t get people’s attention on paper like i do.

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