24 December journal

Good morning folks it’s 430 inn pigeon forge TN. In true Candi fashion I’m awake at what would be my normal time of getting up, this sucks. I’m tired but can’t sleep. Go figure, I’m so used to getting up at this time of day that i wake up no matter what. Same thing happened yesterday as well. 

As we came in to this part of the world, the Cumberland mountains we went up then back down. Those were nice. But then as we turned and twisted through Knoxville, and got almost to our turn off to get here the majestical Smokies appeared. Everything here is obscured by trees. Unlike my home state where you can see forever and a day, here things sneak up on you. Even in Memphis the trees are abundant. But here in East Tennessee, the hills and mountains are so vast that you can’t see very far and then BAM there is something of interest or breath taking. ​

Yeah it’sa crap picture but those are the Smokies in the back ground. Tis was during sunset. Funny we’re on the west side of the mountains. ​

This was earlier in the afternoon when they kinda just popped into view. Cool huh? Well for some I’m sure they are others its like, “i see that everyday, big deal”. 

So we stopped in one of those boot places. Buy one pair get two free. We both ended up with some boots, leather, and guess what what? They actually had Candi size. Can you believe that? Holy cow. I really had to justify to Mistress why i need two pair instead of her. For me to find and be able to try on a real cowgirl boot and not guess if they fit right right or not is a real rarity. Because she can find boots anyplace, i got to get two pair. I’ll have to take a picture in a bit. 

The pink and Brown ones are Candice’s, the other blue ones are Mistress boots.  We both love these boots. I also had gotten me some Wrangler blue jeans, and omg my tush looks so good in them. 

I passed back out  for a couple of hours. It’s almost seven am here. And let me tell ya, the news here seems to be great. I cannot believe that there is no death and destruction on the news. Granted it’s Christmas Eve, but Memphis has sour news even on Christmas. So far, I’ve not heard a foul news report. Yay!

OK so it’s a touch after seven. Doesn’t the sun shine in this place? There is still no sign of daylight. It was dark at like 430 yesterday. I mean the birds and ducks are awake with no sun. Come on daylight. I wanna see the beautiful place. OK going to get ready. I need coffee, and there is no coffee in the room wow!

NOw its like raining folks. The weather isnt really cold just wet and cool giving the impression of cold. WE got a plan for today. Go to the moutains and drive around. Maybe we can find us a new home HEHEHE. We are going to do the Titanic Musuem. Out our “balcony” is a river. And as many of them in this part of the world, not very deep. But there is water in it. I am loving th efact that there is water here. We are so used to Texas and the conservation of water as it is a precious commodity that we learned to live with out many things that required more than absolutely needed water. Water is life everywhere, and people dont seem to understand how precious it really is, yet they ruin it all the time. Anyway we have the west prong of the little pidgeon river out our back door of the motel room. SEE>>>

There is a KOA Campground behind us as well. 

Well folks I am going to try and catch up on posts of folks I follow. Try to get Mistress moving so we can go eat, I am starving. It is well past my lunch time. BUt now we are stuck watching christmas movies and I think i may have to go enjoy our outing alone. Sadly i dont want to but she is not a morning or get up and at em person at all. Have a great Christmas Eve Everyone.

Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    i am soo glad you arrived safely, was very worried about you both yesterday and when i awoke this morning to heavy fog I was more worried about y’all. Your boots look soo cute, bet they are really comfortable. Merry Christmas to you both. ((((((((((((hug))))))))))))


  2. loveonastick says:

    Those boots are freaking AWESOME!!!! Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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