23 December Journal

Hey folks, Its 2 days til Christmas. Are ya ready? I am. Mistress got her birthday presents, I am glad they are coming separate to give her a somewhat christmas. Though, she will get more than she bargained for in the long run anyway. Hell, I am more than she bargained for when we met 13.5 years ago. If she only knew what things would be I dont think she would be here today. Truthfully, if it werent for her, I wouldnt be here at all. She kept me from doing many stupid things. Helping me without even knowing, what she was doing, to get me to this point and be happy finally.

As far as my own christmas, well, I have recieved my own wonderful Christmas presents. The Happiness i have finally found within myself, and my wonderful wife. The change of my name is wonderful, the other stuff happening, transition wise, has been wonderful as well. All the things going on and having to do has been met with actually little resistance. Part of that is the good attitude I have i suppose. I have seen many who think that they are owed, trans or not, and cannot get anywhere about their life. Being trans has its issues yes, but a good out look and treating the others in a great and respectable fashion goes a long ways to making transition go so smooth. You learn, or better have learned to read folks and steer clear of them to prevent confrontation. THe other part of reading folks is understanding that we dont always have to be super outwardly happy and can be serious at matters that require such and still show a good attitude about it. Sometimes being to happy at some folks can be just as bad as being, angry. 

Anyway, The things I have longed for, for a very long time, have been coming to fruition. I can say that this has actually been a very joyous season for me. Even giving the hospital and some of the other downs we have had, i can say I have enjoyed the christmas season this year. It didnt require expensive gifts to recieved and or given. The gift of love is the greatest. I have seen and heard of it so many times in various Christmas movies, but never “felt” it like i have this year. I can remember that it always seemed that from mid September until after the new year, everything seemed (and usually did) go bad. Among the small pieces of happy i would enjoy would always be this dark cloud of pain and anguish. This went back to my child hood days, I had so much wrong for so long that i am shocked that I feel and am so good this time of year this year. Maybe I have broken my bad cycle of holiday depression abd bad luck. 

I am looking forward to the new year. The new Me that has been coming to be, physcally, emotionally, Mentally and legally. I had to go the OPS office for some paper yesterday. two ladies are in there along with the GM. I gae the ladies a shock from what i was told by the GM. He said not to worry about it, if there was an issues they will get over it. I thought that was funny coming from him.

Well I also have to get this out there, Today I have been on HRT For seven Months. LIfe has been good and I cannot complain. LIke I said above. I have nice breast growth, and with the up in dose of one of the T blockers, the beard is growing slower. That beard issue is a wonderful thing. YEah I shave every morning, but have a whole day of “ME” time before I have to run away from the “ball”. I usually could only get a couple or three hours before before the shadow showed through the makeup. NO matter what I did it wouldnt stop. I felt like cinderella at the ball. I gotta be home before midnight. But no matter what, midnight came at about 3 hours at best and i had to run away and go hide.Freshen up and Then go back out if i felt decent in mentallity to do so. My Hair is growing well. I have to brush it several times a day to keep the tangles at bay. I am not really good at running the brush through my hair during the day. Mostly I am not yet used to doing such things. It takes me away from what I am doing and I hate having to stop and go the restroom if i am busy much less go brush my hair. I suppose I better get used to that, lol. Everytime i go to the potty , take my brush and fix my hair. My hair is naturally full bodied and tangles pretty easy so I better do that.

Well it’s bed time in Tennessee. We’re both worn out and i hope i can sleep past 3 am. And since now it’s past three am i better finish this post and get it out to the world. Have a great night or evening which ever is actually your time of day. 


Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    What a beautiful post! You always write soo wonderfully. i did not realize before reading your work that a lady can indeed write like a lady.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Oh it’s not that hard. I just write how i feel. Sometimes it’s rather sailorish. Usually not. But thanks i appreciate that.

      Liked by 1 person

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