22 December Journal

Good Evening Folks its the 22nd of December. Like you could figure that out from the title right? But you may have needed to be reminded, lol. MIstress is out of the hospital, strained pectoral muscles. Whew! 

So am impatiently waiting for the partial order to arrive for my Mistress. I ordered the stuff, its out for delivery and I am here at 545 still waiting. Go figure, Mistake one, ordering the week of christmas. 

WE are off for four days, well sort of. I am sure Mistress has to work until a time that we will not know. We still plan on going somewhere for Christmas just not 100% sure where. Maybe we should go raid north carolina. what a hoot that will be. I will most likely be in jail just because I am me. But I know that is not on our agenda. I dont really want to spend the whole weekend driving. Thats one of the reason we are not going to texas. a whole day driving to get there. Then another day of driving to see everyone, then another day driving home. There is no rest time when you travel during the holidays. Vacations yes we get to rest. Because we arent in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything. Anyhow I am in a hurry to get to bed. ITs been a long three days. With no sleep tuesday night, a long day yesterday, and little sleep last night then another long day, I am about done for.

Well I am off to beddy by. I hope my package shows up. Oh well Mistress’ package. Anyway, I hope you all have a great evening . I am sure i wont remember mineLOL

LOVE Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    Be safe no matter where you go for the holidays. There are far too many on the road during the holidays that should be back in their Grinch caves instead of driving.

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