20 December Journal

Well Folks Its tuesday agian. ANd Guess What? ITs almost Christmas in a few days. I am thinking I am done with my shopping. Well anyway some of it. The Stuff for my wife is done. I got the stuff she had for her folks shipped out today. That shipping was more than the gifts holy cow. BUt I am sure it was worth the money paid.

Today I had my Dentist Appointment to get my new chompers. They dont fit quite right, but, they are in my mouth and I am not sounding like Daffy or Sylvester with slobber coming out my mouth, with that inevitable lips blblblbl at the end of ertain words. I am going back tomorrow, as there are still a couple adjustments to take care of.

My hair is total wreck and I seem to get more “Hi Ma’am” this way than when I fix it like i normally do. But I think it looks good even if it getting into my eyes.

WHum ok I can type where i want now. anyhoo, I gotta get dinner fixed here So I need to go. I wish I had more time to write like i did before. Here lately my mind is on a million things and work is tops on the list. THough I do try to spend sundays writing a decent post. I am working on getting so much stuff destressed at work that I am finally getting to a caught up state I think at work. We still have a long ways to go. However we are makeing good progress on some stuff. Soon in a few months we will be out of the darkness I hope. Then Maybe I will have more thought process for other things, like the love of my wife, how things are going and all that jazz. A guy at work wants to call me Jazzy, I said nope I aint no hooker, Candi is already close enough to hookerness and I am not gonna answer to Jazzy, that aint my name, neither is my male name or male pronouns. I been through to much to be dishonored. Though all this was in good fun poking back and forth. I guess i could liken it to the names they dont like to be called though they call eachother that all the time, but when a Honkey says it, OMG The world falls apart. 

Well have a great night every one. Need to really get going with what i need to do, a house wifes work is never done, even when we are sleeping. 

Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Hi Beautiful, you are looking gorgeous girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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