18 December Journal

Good Sunday Morning folks. For many of us its rather cold. Maybe the correct words its @#%$ Freezing. We here in the memphis Metro area were sweating and living the summer dream of the wonderful high humidity. I was in a tank top LOL. By nine PM we were in to the 30’s from 78 an hour earlier. Then the rain was coming down and eventually turned into frozen stuff.​

That’s how the morning looks. And the temp on the dash from yesterday.

We had our first annual Christmas gathering with the married trans group last night. I got bit drunk, had everyone laughing. Falling from their chairs laughing so hard. I only had two drinks and felt like i had an entire bottle of bourbon. Mistress said it was time to leave due to my tipsyness along with the weather issues. We got home and i went to bed and passed out. This morning it took a bottle of Gatorade and a pot of coffee for me to feel better. It was only two drinks, mud slides that did me in. I guess I’m a light weight now in the drink department. I don’t drink much anymore so that’s one thing and hrt I’m sure has some to do with it as well. 

I’m at the nail salon. Gonna get the works, hands and feet today. never had a manicure before. So I’ll see this go around if it’s worth the trouble or not. I’m going to do the gel thing on my fingers. may as well on my toes to. Merry Christmas Candi hehe. actually i already got most of my Christmas. I got my name change, DL change and now gotta get my ss tomorrow done. I have been looking hard at new Motorcycle jackets. I tried a few on got a size figured out. But haven’t bought anything yet. I need to find something for Mistress first. Neither one of us know what we really want. We have what we need, eachother, we got our jobs and bills that are paid. The other stuff we don’t need, wants we have no room to have them. 

Well it’s Monday. 1115 and at the ss office. Waiting as usual. But the wait here isn’t like when i was in fort Worth. Fewer people in this post of the country. But they move slower. Then add the cold air people get even slower. I ran off and forgot my lunch today to. But since I’m not at work now it doesn’t matter. 

Well I’m going to end this here. I should have finished this yesrtday but kept getting tied up doing something. Anyway, have a great rest of the day everyone. 


Love Candi

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