17 December Journal

IN seven days it will be Christmas Eve. WE do not have our tree up, no lights on the house, no anything christmasy placed anywhere. We just havent had the time. When we do, we are so tired that we only sleep and rest. Aside from Mistress watching Christmas movies, and the temps there hasnt been much sign of christmas here this year. It really sucks. I was so looking forward to christmas this year. Now I seem to be dreading it. Dont ask me why because i really just dont know why. 

It was three AM this morning when I woke up. I went to bed at 730 last night. I Was just worn out and not feeling to well. I think from the lack of rest. Work has had us both messed up. Mstress had her Christmas party at her work yesterday. SHe came home happy as a lark. She got all kinds of stuff that she is in love with. Especially her Reindeer plates. Only 4 so we need to find the other 4 for her. There isnt any CHristmas parties at my job. Its rather sad really. We had those things in my location back home, but here, well, Memphians are selfish folks. IT seems too that work is only concerned with PM compliance than family time this year. I would just as soon tell them to kiss our asses. I want my employees to have a wonderful Christmas season and spend time with their familys, and have some rest. Hell I am even going to be at work on Christmas to do paperwork seeing as I cannot get it done during the normal week and we are not doing anything on christmas anyway. Speaking of Christmas, the day in the weather forcast is supposed to be back up to the mid 60s on christmas. 

We have had a roller coaster of temps lately. Today, as of right now its almost 70 degrees. The wind is blowing to beat the bandit. Yet by the end of the day and into midnight, we have a rain coming that will turn into freezing rain and or sleet, before making it to the lower twenties by tomorrow morning. it was only in the twenties yesterday morning, then slowly crept up to where we are now. 

I dont know what else to talk about. Transition is going well. I still have the growing breast, and the on and off pains that come with that. Those pains are a wonderful thing to me. Something I wanted so many years ago. Some other things I wanted and couldnt have, is the ability of cis gender women to bear children. I have never spoken on this matter to anyone, as I know I would have been looked at funny or commited to the crazy farm, especially when I wanted it back in the 1980’s. BUt I was built wrong for that and cannot ever have that kind of joy. I suppose in some ways I am lucky to not have the other issues that come along with it, but I sure do want them, or do I? I deal with that part of my issue pretty good I think. I do have some issues, Hot flashes, mood swings, and ocassional depression. BUt it usually goes away quickly. For me it is really a right of passage to woman hood. Though I will never have the true issues of a woman from child hood to adult hood, I sure do feel so much better about myself these days. Well I feel better unless i am extremely tired and worn out. Then I am just wanting to sleep and do not pass as a female very well.THose are the times I just stay home until I get rested, aside from going to work. Which, will soon here, the new year and the New Presentation at work of Candice. Now I just have to get the people to call me Candice and not MALE Me. I killed that guy in a sense of the word. LOL 

Well I am off to the kitchen to make brownies for tonights party. I got plenty to do as usual and am ready for a major break. BUt guess what? I sure am happy, and my brownie concoction is called BBC. LOL Brownies By Candi hehehe. WHat do ya think about that, i am such a goof ball. 
Well Peoples, its time for me to get going and I hope you all have a great day. 

Love Candice

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    It is soo much fun to read your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks very much. I try to keep it entertaining

      Liked by 2 people

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