16 Decemeber Journal

Well all you wonderful people, its friday. Evening that is, and I am a touch under the weather. I think it may be fatigue, sleepiness or something relating to those two. I came home early, at 1 pm. Ate some Chiclen noodle soup and then passoed out on the couch. Now I am waiting on some chicken patties from the oven to finish. And then I will eat that. Passing out again may be in the near future. I just feel BLAH. 

Ya know its almost Christmas. another roughly a week. I got my first official mail addressed to me as Candice in the mail yesterday. From the state of Tennessee was my New DL> Yippy!! I am going monday after my dentist appointment to the SS office to take care of that. Then I can get my stuff adjusted at work and the rest of my life. I really need to get work dealt with quickly. Then today I got a Chrsitmas card addressed to Candice. It was from the lovely dentist and her crew at the dentist office. They are such a wonderful crew there. I have never had the care from a dentist in my past that my dentist has here that i am currently seeing. If had I had the care from a dentist like this many many moons ago, i may have gone to the dentist and not be losing my teeth. So in my transisiton I have been working on so much stuff to get me more fem and less boy.

Speaking of more fem, LOL, A fellow held the door for me today. Looking at me like he wanted my body. It was rather funny to me. He almost didnt then looked up and saw me and stopped and backed up, then let me through in a manner that was becoming of a male towards a female. Then the fellow behind the counter misgendered me. THough i didnt care because I just felt like crap.

The VP of my department did his duty in welcoming me to the managment team. A bunch of BS is what i call it. If he really wanted to help he would have helped already. BUt lets leave that lay where it is.

I guess since i have ran out of things to speak on today. I will end here. Hope you all have a great evening

Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Rest is what you need Candice!!!!. Take care of yourself Sweetie.


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