12 December journal

Good morning folks, it’s Monday 230 am. I went to bed at 645 last evening. That was after a two hour nap and then getting my clothes put away. To much work, not enough rest, that’s makes a person very worn out. I’m only awake due to the fact i can’t stay in bed anymore. My back gets to hurting and i have to get up. Then I’m not actually sleepy anymore, tired yes, sleepy no. I’ll be sleepy later lol. 

That sleepiness is probably why i get called sir lately. I may look good, have a waist line, and boobs, but my stance when I’m tired, and the bags under my eyes I’m sure it makes me look or move rather sirly. 

It’s a balmy heatwave morning at 53 degrees. Compared to Saturday morning at 17 degrees. Though it’s raining and we had a south wind yesterday that warmed us back up. 

Anyway, I’m waiting for Jan first. That’s the change date at work in appearance. I’ve made this decision to give every one a chance to get used to the other subtle changes I’m presenting. Fingernail polish and mascara at this time. That’s weekday presentation. Saturday is full on make up. So far no one has made a bad comment. The two i expected the most trouble from, are the ones trying the hardest to change my name in their head and aloud. Bless their heart for the efforts. 

I’ve noticed another thing lately. Since i passed that kidney stone and had my bladder infection, i can’t eat much of my normal hot sauce. It makes my urine burn. I never had that issue before. So I’m stuck on flavors because of it. I love hot sauce. The hotter the better. But it looks like that stuff may not be in my diet much anymore. That really sucks.

Well folks is tone to get busy working now. Hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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