9 December journal

Good 23 degree morning folks. That’s pretty darn cold for the mid South, united States. I’ve seen colder in my two and half years here. 

Well, I’ve had two full days as a legal woman. And legally Candice. There is still much to do to finish the that has to be changed but it’s small fries compared to what i mentally put my self through for tuesday. The rest of the world seems pretty easy these days. Even my boss seems upset that given all the crap, I’m still joking and cutting up at work. Yet I’m doing my job. As and a woman get a promotion. Figure that folks. 

Ok so it’s officially cold. I had to ride my bike to work this morning. The pickup wouldn’t start. So i was a frozen Eskimo person this morning. I took my shoes of and the floor was warmer than my shoes.  

So now I’m doing paperwork. Trying to get some of that done. If i ever get all that caught up, then the other stuff caught up this won’t be a hard job. 

Anyhow, i better get back to my paperwork. Have a great day folks


Love Candi

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