6 Dec whirl wind

Well folks, court is done the dl office done, and here i sit at the social security office. 

Court was 20 minutes late. The judge was anyway. Then the idiot people in front of me all needing this and that really pissed me off. I was on the stand for like two minutes. Then got all my papers and left. We stopped and ate lunch then to the DL office and then to the ss office. 

The judge did thank me for being patient. I stated that I understood. She looked at me quizzically some. She had not as far as i know seen my dl pic. Which is a far cry from what i do look like now. Maybe I’ll post pics of that. 

Anyway, the DL office was basically uneventful and in and out in less than thirty minutes. People here complain of the lines. Well they ain’t seen a dfw dl office and the lines there. So this was, for me, easy stuff. Maybe twenty people in this office compared to75-100 or more where I’m used to going. 

The ss office was packed. I did my thing and got my number. Waited for thirty nurture minutes i think. then i get to the counter, hand my new paper dl to the lady and the rest of my life proving who i was, to be told nope, need the actual plastic card drivers licence. I said you’re kidding right? Got my entire life history here and you want a piece of plastic with the same stuff on it as the paper? So i packed my stuff and left. Meanwhile trying to guilt trip her into doing whati needed. i left on a good note, i told her, i understand that you’re are the rules. Kinda ridiculous that now i gotta take another day off to get finished up. 
So anyway, I’ve got to wait to finish this stuff. And that was my legal part of transition this far. Nothing to be worried about at all. No problems other than the SS office. So anyway that’s that

Have great day folks


Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Have a great day😆

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