6 December Journal

Good Morning Folks its Tuesday. It was a long night of thunderstorms and waking up. It is really wet this morming and I could not not sleep past 330. As was yesterday, my stomach and nerves are a wreck. I have been told more than once yesterday by a plethera of folks to stop worrying. Being a Virgo, that is something i cannot do no matter how hard I try. The Month of the bear worries all the time.I am taking it slow this morning as I do not need to be where i am meeting my friend until 7 am. That will give me a bit of time to make a decent post for a change in the middle of the week. 

Apparently the weather is going to get really fridged this week. down into the twenties on thursday and friday mornings. Which for this part of the country is pretty darn cold. Next week may have some snow last i heard, but, i havent seen the weather forcast for any long term information. As we know more than a 2-4 days out is a wash anyway. as the great mother earth will make her own mind up and change things. As is typical of us girls, lol. We are always changing our minds right? 

My outfit for today is constantly changing as does the weather. What I had planned i am still toying with. AS the weather is wet and cold, I may have to adjust my pants and shoes to match. I had even bought new shoes for today. But the wet weather is changing that idea. They arent a bad looking shoe with a sensible heel, nothing to tall. Though it does have a  heel. But the wetness I may not wear them due to the suede type of material they are made of and the narrow heel. I dont wish to go for a ride on my new shoes in a slipping manner that would leave me on the ground picking myself up. Being a practical type of girl I am not about to be trampy looking or unsafe. IT will be a Hair Spray kind of day. I dont want my locks going all over the place and being un managable which is typical of my hair these days. It has grown and become cute, but on wet yucky and windy days it tends to have a mind of its own. 

Maybe I will have my picture taken today. Oh, wait, I am. The drivers license office is going to take my picture. LOL! What a wonderful day this is going to be for me. I so wish my wife could be with me. BUt she has to work due to the absence policy of the place she works. Not to mention the particular person she works with is not that great of a person without going into to much detail. She was well after 7 getting home lastnight. That makes me sad, but she is getting overtime for it. which a great thing. Anyway, I am so ready to get this stuff today done. And then the last of the super stressful stuff is over with. Well, minus my folks asking me to come see them. Which will never ever be as the old male me again. Even that wont be as stressful as today has become. Even if this is of my own minds realization and not actual reality.

Ya know what? I havent brooded on my job in the last couple of posts now. Isnt that a great thing? The stress of work is nothing is comparison to today in my mind. I did have a decent day yesterday. catching up on plenty of things. And dreading that if a person doesnt do the things I asked for more than one day i will have to sit him down and state that if he does not turn in what i asked I will be forced to write him up for failure to perform duties. But that is another story and another post provided i actually have to do it.

I got up this morning at some what normal weekday time to keep my self regular in more than one way. It is going to be a relaxing day technically. As I dont have to deal with the rigors of weekday issues. But I dont wanna have a messed up time tomorrow getting up out of bed at 3 in the morning. It also gives me my time to reflect that I have not done in a bit since sunday. A typical thing I do on a daily basis and planning and deciding in things early in the mornings is what i normally do. 

So I am ending here. I have to shower and prepare for my great day. Which I will state is not as important as the day coming up soon, my wifes birthday. I desperately need to go get her a present for her birthday. So I am off to ponder a present and get ready for today. I hope You all have a great day, Especially my wonderful WIFE. I love you dearly.

LOve Candi

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