5 December journal

Good morning folks, welcome to Candi’s nervous wreck post. I woke up at 230 couldn’t sleep anymore. My stomach is in such knots that i feel like being sick. Don’t think i could hold down any food if i wanted to. And court isn’t until tomorrow.  Blah is me right now. 

Short of that, well there ain’t much else in my head right now. I hope it doesn’t affect me to much at work. 

I guess this may be a short post. I do know Mistress started stew last night, actually yesterday afternoon. It’s smelling really good. We didn’t eat dinner last night. We just were to tired to do anything else. She worked half a day on Saturday. And then yesterday we started cleaning up the clutter. which due to work schedules we’ve let build up.

Well folks I’ve got to finish getting ready. Hope you all have a good day. 


Love Candi 

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