2 December journal

Well folks it’s Friday. The weekend fast upon us. It’s rather stressful here in Candi land right now. Not sure to the holidays, but due to both our jobs. Thinking we both need to make a change. Or something at our job has to change. 

Anyway, it’s rather cold this morning. There was water, dew, on things when i woke up this morning, in twenty minutes after i got ready for work, it turned to ice. 

Well folks it’s Saturday now. I’m at work again. Least till noon. yuck. we’ve definatly got plenty to do here. And it’s going to take at least a full year to fix the issues that never got tended to. 

I’ve gotten some of the things i needed to do done. Now we just got to finish up one little job and we can get out of here. I’m so ready. Well as i have to go pay some bills. then maybe if we feel like it, we’ll go to our hamburger place that just reopened after renovations and get a fairly decent burger in this town. 

Well I’m ending here so i don’t forget to post this dual day post. It was entirely not intended. But busy busy all the time sucks. Hope y’all enjoy your afternoon. 


Love Candi

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