29 November Journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. I still haven’t kicked this cold yet. Though i feel bad i don’t feel super bad, yet. Anyway, there isn’t much to talk on today as i didn’t finish yesterday’s post until way late in the day. 

Mistress is going bowling this evening. So this evening is going to be a light left over dinner and bed early. That is if i get off on time. M maybe I’ll get to see Mistress when she gets home if I’m not passed out first. 

It’s going on six PM now. I’ve just gotten home and I’m worn out. I outed myself to another person. My sunburn nail polish did it. She was great about it. She asked if i was going to do like

Gosh it’s been a busy day of chasing my tail again. I am so ready for bed. That it’s seven thirty, I’m well past when i intended to go to bed. Anyway I’m stopping here, as I’ve only rambled about absolutely nothing. Anyway, i hope your evening is well.


Love Candi

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