28 November Journal

Well let’s see here, yay, it’s working again. Welcome to Monday folks. Technical glitches and rain. That’s a wonderful combo isn’t it? 

And it’s been busy busy all day long. No time to write and trying to get ahead of the game here is impossible. Sitting on a conference call. This is boring and I’ve become rather scatter brained from the day. 

The wind is really blowing and keeps closing the entry gate. This isn’t helping my cold and sore throat. I’ve breathed so much smoke and cold air from the camping that i think i made myself sick. Which is partially why I’m scatterbrained.  I’m also trying to stay focused on the thingsi need done to get to the court next Tuesday due the name change and then the DL change. Then maybe i can stop stressing over some stuff. As that day gets closer, i feel more and more stressed out. It cannot be as stressful as telling my folks though.

Let me say, the rain is getting worse. Supposedly the bad parts aren’t here yet. Then tomorrow the sun should be shining. Hopefully a much better day all together. I felt today was absolutely worthless. But i did get my lease notarized and the plan together for getting to court house. I don’t wanna go looking like the bike chick from hell and my pickup is full of crap and really to big for down town parking. I have a friend who is going to pick m me up from my old shop and we’ll go in her car. I’ll Pay for parking to make things easier. I’m still yet undecided on what i should wear on that day. Hum maybe my green business type dress. β€‹

Shower and dinner and I’m ready for bed. Yet dinner is in the oven. Hopefully i can beat this cold or what ever it is. I’ve got some reading to catch up on and dinner to check on so I’m going to end this post for today. 

Have a evening folks


LOVE Candi

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