Thanks giving outing

Well folks, I’m up early as usual on thanks giving. We got here to our camp site about one thirty. Got stuff set up and by the time we got done had to go back to the town and get a replacement part for our water heater. It’s a simple heater that takes no space. Now we have to go into town for a couple other things. Good grief. Any way i passed out by eight PM. I just couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore. Today thanksgiving, i plan on napping off and on while we cook. I plan on enjoying the silence of the day and all. But more important is to enjoy my time with the best person in my life, my beautiful wife :-d ​

Well I’ll make a new post to show the pics later. We had our dinner, a full day of stoking the fire and cooking. Green bean casserole, dressing, biscuits, and ham. All this open fire cooked. Yummy yummy. Had to much for two people. I spent my day trying to time my restroom visits. I finally just went, in broad daylight to the restroom. Hopefully I’ll only be asked to leave. But so far I’ve not had any issues. Even the shower hasn’t been been an issue. However the shower has always been accompanied. Just so you people know, the restroom is the greatest of my fears and one that just won’t go away. No matter how passable i feel or am told i am, the restroom terrifies me. Even before transitioning, the men’s restroom was just as terrifying to me. If it was full, i just couldn’t go. Anyway, we are enjoying ourselves and the rest of the weekend is not going to be full of a whole day of fire tending for cooking. That’s a alot of work. We plan on doing other things the rest of the weekend. Hopeful that the sun comes out tomorrow. Last thing, i solicited a text today to my family. I only got a happy Thanksgiving response from my dad. I was shocked and i replied a pic of our meal. My sister did respond to that. Then a later my daughter who texted me on her own wished happy Thanksgiving. It’s only 745 and I’m ready for bed. Mistress is in bed already. I’m heading there now. Nighty night folks. ​​
The entire thanksgiving meal was cooked right here on this. 

At some point yesterday i received an email. That happened at one of those moments where i had signal. In this email a person had asked me about being trans. It turns out they are doing a paper in social sciences or something. I’m not really sure how to address the questions. But it’s nut rude questions, mostly about our community. One of the things i think about is that most of us trans people don’t want a spot light by the population in general. What we do want is equal treatment and to blend in. To not be noticed as “trans” is the greatest thing. We don’t fit into the lgb community, and we don’t fit into the general community. We are kind of out casts for lack of better words. Even inside our own people we aren’t very social to others. Maybe because, as is the rest of society, some look better, act more or go further than others. It causes jealously like any other group of people. I will spend more time trying to answer the given questions from my new admirer. I am more than happy to do so. I do try to keep my mind open and not be a closed up idiot. Because there are always two sides to every story. Not having a signal is a bit tough to reply. But I’m enjoying the lack of that signal as i get more grounded to myself and my beautiful wife and place perspective to our life and my transition. To get to try and lose this fear of going to the restroom. Not mentioning the going about town and soon work as a woman. Something I’ve needed and wanted for a very long time. 

Gosh it’s only 1pm on Friday. Cloudy cold and fire going for more coffee. Mistress is hold up in the bed. That’s leaving poor old Candi fend for her self. But the smell of camp coffee is wonderful. ​

Saturday morning, watching westerns on tv. Yes still at the camp grounds. Have gun will travel is one of my favorites. We may be packing up today and getting back home. We have to do laundry, and Monday i get up at three am. So we need time to recover. Prepping for the work week. Not to mention I’ve got a fever blister and probably should get home. 

The sun is out today which is a great thing. Is been cloudy our entire trip. That’s just yuck. ​

We did pack and get ourselves home. Went out to eat and got lazy after unpacking and starting the wash. We just couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat. We just about went to a place a had an idea that they were to expensive. So we ate at Jason’s deli. It’s was good and they brought back the Baked potato’s. 

Since we are home now and it’s five forty five, Sunday morning, i probably need to end this rather lengthy post. As you’ve noticed, I’ve added my pics to the is one of some of the colors at the state park. ​

I’m endingh here folks. Thing had gotten a bit too long. I hope your all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Welcome back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. littleannab says:

        Your welcome Sweetie


  2. I hope you don’t mind, sweetie, but i have begun forwarding your posts to a cis woman friend whose spouse recently came out as trans. She is struggling with the very concept. She’s heard me out yet asks the same questions over and over, so i thought maybe another perspective might help. Age and length of transitioning is similar to you and mistress.


    1. candicejune says:

      Ok. It’s no issue to me. It’s a tough thing for the spouses. We think it is tough? Try being in the others shoes. If they stay, they not only go through stuff with us and our issues, but have to deal with their own. Many times we neglect our spouses and the support they need.

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