21 & 22 November Journal

Well folks, as i finally start this post it’s Monday evening. Not sure how far i will go tonight. I’m at the community center to get help with filling out the papers to get my name changed. It’s been a busy time for me lately. With the position change and getting ready to do this legal aspect of transition I’ve not had much else in time to get anything done. 

Work is hell but only two days worth. Yippy! 

The world turned, and yesterday got so busy, that we nearly didn’t go to the pedi salon. Getting there just before they closed. 

Now it’s tuesday, the last workday of the week for us. Tomorrow by noon we’re off the grid. We are so ready to disappear for a few days. We’ve got no one to spend the holidays with this year. Mostly due to me and my changes so all this is my fault. I am thankful yet feeling guilty about the holidays. If it weren’t for this stuff I’ve had to do we would be welcome by friends and family. But it’s not meant to be. I’ll get over it and I’ll be ok. It’s not the first time I’ve not been welcome by family. Friends have always been few and far between. It always seems something happens to have friends disappear for one reason or another. So I’m not really down about it. But at the same time i am down about it. 

I got to bed realty late last night. I’ve got the sleepy shakes and I’m a touch bloated due to it as well. Lucky I’ve got today and then I’m off. I sure hope it’s a smooth as silk day. I don’t expect it but sure wish for it. 

Today i did powder my face. I didn’t do anything else fur whatever it’s worth. My hood on my motorcycle will probably mess up my make up anyway. Speaking of makeup, cover girl makes my face look all rough and icky. Every pore and every blemish of the skin side from color is shown greatly. Immediately after putting it on, i look great. About an hour later, i look like shit. I’ve been noticing that, yet i thought it was me seeing things. But nope it’s been really noticeable. So I’m going back to the L’Oréal because i know it works. 

Well folks the day is crazy and I’ve got to get busy again. Have a great day.


Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    My heart goes out to you and i really truly going to miss you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Oh I’ll make posts to get sent out later.

      Liked by 1 person

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