20 November Journal

Well Folks, Its a freezing in Memphis, TN now. Our first freeze of the year. We sure didnt think that this would ever get here. I kinda like winter and cold temps. I like warm weather also, however I have grown to hate mid summer. Its just to hot these days and I do not handle it to well anymore. BUt that is something I will have to get used to if i stay in the southern part of the united states. 

NExt I did not immediately take a shower this morning. I know I had planned on it. But I was to tired today and went back to bed. But I have Gotten ready to go and its well before 8 am. IT is sunday after all and I dont have to get into a true hurry. I have found that I can be ready in about 30-45 minutes from shower to go. TOday I did just that. was all but ready at the 35 minute mark. Still had to do my hair, and that time included the fact that I hunted down clothing for the day. So a 5-8 minute delay in that clothing search. By the time i was truly ready with hair and lipstick it was 45 minutes.  So the added time to get up at 3 rather than 330 is a doable thing. So I will work on doing that starting this week. Not sure my foundation is working like my old one. I am using COver Girl rather than loreal. I think I so need to get some more Loreal. It seemed to cover more of my blemishes.

Speaking of this week, its going to be a short week. I only work two days. I have another Dentist appointment this week. Hopefully I can have the final things done for the lower parts i need done this week. Then after that, as usual i get to set up the camping site alone and possibly in the rain according to the weather. Mistress has to work wednesday. So For four days we will be unavailable. That is our plan, no interuptions no bothered by work and family, no nothing. We are taking our little TV for some thing to look at while we are out of cell service. Funny thing, we almost spent the Thanksgiving of 2014 out at this very state park. We had just moved up here. We had went and bought this little pop up camper that was used, just so we could cut the costs of having to rent a room for 40+ dollars a night. the state part is 20 dollars a night and electricity and water are supplied. A nice shower and rest room facility which is common up here and in texas for the state parks. There is rarely any riff raff coming in and bothering you. So we tend to go and stay at state parks no matter where we go if its an extended stay.

Good news has Arrived in the house of Candi yesterday. Mistress has a job interview today, sunday with a company in orthopedic sports medicine. She is so looking forward to that. Suprising its on sunday. They contacted her late yesterday afternoon. That may very well be her way out of the crap place she is currently working. I have high hopes on her getting the position. SHe definately needs a change. She have been given enough crap from jobs in her life and could use an up beat lively fun working atmosphere. I wish her well in the interview.

Yesterday also left me a bit disappointed. WE were at the gas station, I had to pump the fuel as is normal. THis lady kept hollaring out “Sir, Excuse Me Sir!” I looked around and looked around I didnt see any “sir”. THen it dawned on me that she was speaking to me. SHe wanted money, I wasnt about to give any help to her for her attitude was rather crappy to the other people she was peddling to recieve fuel from. I was in a pair of jeans that was rather boyish, other than that, i was no where close to looking like a “Sir”. As we left the gas station she continued to say sir all the way until we got off the parking lot. What was really funny to was the fact that she didnt ever leave the confines of her car to ask anything. I am not one that like to be approached for funds like that. BUt, I dont wanna come to your car either. I do not mind a person appraoching in a manner that is friendly, maintaining space and then asking. Our first winter here after we got sort of settled in the first rental home, we went to Beale street for dinner. Its obviously dark already and BEale isnt the place to be after dark.Not even a 6′ 4″foot man at 235 pounds. We were approached about needing another hand out then. WE had some left over stuff from the resturaunt. I handed that to the fellow and we went on and left as our plan was. I had to do this to keep up from having issues other wise. IT keeps these people somewhat satisfied and allows a chance for people like us to get out of harms way. This is memphis after all and some places are surely not good for a white skined person to be after dark. SOme places arent any better during the day. You learn them and you dont go to those places. SInce we have been here, we have seen weekly deaths on Beale every friday and saturday night. Now they have a fee to be paid to enter Beale street after certain hours of the day during the weekend. That has seemed to take the crime down on that place. BEale is similar to many other places in other towns and cities, like the Fort Worth Stock yards. GReat dureing the day, evenings and noghts make one a bit nervous. 

Well FOlks, I have got to get busy on the things that need doing to be ready for camping. I have to get mistress out of bed to get ready for her Interview. Hope You all have a great day.

LOve Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Have a great day chickie. ๐Ÿ˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks, You Too! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. georgiakevin says:

    Soo good to read your latest. Am soo thrilled to read about your Mistress’s interview.and about you making yourself beautiful ((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))) to both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks.. Things are progressing great here. But I’ve been noticing people with some sour looks lately.

      Liked by 1 person

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