19 Novemeber Journal

Well Folks its a cold saturday morning. No I have not gotten my morning shower and stuff to be ready for the day in a manner conclusive to how I feel. I am just being lazy. We have to get our camper ready for the camping trip. So we do have things to do. Not to mention I have to get proficient at getting ready. Since that is a short term goal over the next month or so along with the legal aspect of the whole thing. Then, what I believe to be the toughest part of transition will be completed. Toughest in terms of things. truly the toughest was these; making my final decision to be happy and let “ME” come out and watching my lovely wife deal with the changes. Mistress has her moments, but i do think and feel she is getting much better with the changes and the ideas of it. That doesnt mean it is or will always be peaches and cream, but we are doing pretty good.

I had to ask HR about some things relating to trans folks as supervisors. Especially as I am in the middle of transition. That being “should potential new hires be made aware of a trans person they may or will be working with or for?” She is going to look into that. I would hate to see things happen, such as; i get the shit beaten out of me, or they quit immediately after getting hired for finding out they work with or for a trans person. So far as I have let the secret out at work more and more, the reactions have been fairly positive. At least in the face to face about all this. What is said after the fact is not known, and obviously none of my business. I frankly am not to worried about what folks think. I just do not want to lose new employees over the fact that I am trans, transitioning and will be presenting as a female. We have an employee shortage anyway and getting two more folks in the shop i am at now will be a great help to moving us forward. As you see in the posts from this week that some I failed to post on the day they were written. The new shop is a total disaster and the units are not in any better shape than the paperwork. 

On the HRT Front, Things are good. BReasts growing and energy levels not where they used to be. Strength is not what it used to be. However  can still do things that some cannot due to knowledge and skill. I have been doing this kind of work since 1989, so its lots to remember. Hell I have probably forgotten more than some will know. lol  My hair is now pony tail length, about a 4″ long pony tail. That is a wonderful feeling, having that ponytail. 

Well Folks, I ve got to get busy we have to much to do. Have a great day everyone

Love Candi

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  1. littleannab says:

    Always be you Sweetie


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