18 November Journal

TGIF everyone, I’m glad it’s Friday. Get through today and rest and rest and sleep. I did leave work earlier yesterday. Took a thirty minute nap before the phone rang, and finally got enough energy to shower. Then decided i was just too tired to cook. At seven thirty, i went to bed. I don’t think i moved all night long. Alarm went off, and i was like fuck, i gotta go to work already?! 

So my attempt at plan number one for my facial hair didn’t quite work out. So I’m back to shaving. At least until i have the funds and the time for electrolysis. So that’s going to place me at a three am. wake up to shower and shave do makeup and get out of the house. Which I’ve been lacking in doing efficiently lately. I’ll work on that this weekend. Timing my self to how long it will take. Starting tomorrow since we are busy getting ready to go camping. 

Well I’ve got to go so have a great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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