16 November Journal

Good Wednesday monring folks. Can you believe it’s Wednesday, i can because this week has semi went at its normal pace. Yet, i don’t remember Monday. Not because i drink, because i really don’t drink anymore. An occasional here and there. 

Anyway my supposed audit wasn’t an audit. It was and still is an attempt to get the issues of paperwork cleaned up. A pic of the mess below​:

The second pic is the stacks of items that were, pushed under the rug for say. The other pic, is the ensuing mess of sorting and filing that the two folks from corp are attempting to help me get put away. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Holy shit folks. 

So needless to say I’ve been over whelmed by stuff since i was moved over. The biggest issue truly if the lack of people to do the job. After we clean up the mess I’ve got to attempt to keep it cleared up daily. However we need me employees to do other work so i can stay focused on mine. Until then, i feel we are screwed. 

Mistress as well has had her own issues at work. Being reprimanded at work for being on the clock to long and yet the same fit not completing the tasks assigned each day. This is due to the same thing, slow people and not enough of them. You see, Memphis has this serious entitlement problem. More so than I’m used to. It’s like they feel they are owed the paycheck for half a days work, And even less productivity. 

Will the business of my work, I’ve forgotten to post this. 


Love Candi

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