17 November Journal

Good morning folks, is Thursday and apparently i don’t know what month it is. I was informed that i wrote an October journal yesterday. Which is highly possible. I’ve been a touch on the super busy don’t have time for thinking kind of person this week. I’m doing good that I’ve even written.  I was almost six PM getting home yesterday and was just about done when Mistress got home. It was close to seven when she got home. These days are wearing us down on a hurry. Then add that the electric coffee pot didn’t make coffee this morning. I’m afraid it’s going to be another shit storm day. 

Well anyway, I’ve ran out of stuff to discuss. I got tied up just now watching Columbo. I’m almost ready for work and just do not wish to go in. I’m ready for a short week next week. Three full days camping. Even if we eat only sandwiches, we both need to get away. We need to get away from everything actually. If only for the three days we’ll be gone. 

Alright folks I’ve got to get going and get away from these depressing posts. I’m actually not depressed, just really tired. Anyway, you all have a wonderful day. 


Love Candi

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