15 November Journal

Good morning folks, Monday is behind us. Today a new day and with a bit of rain over night, I’m hopeful that it washed away some of the bad things that have been stacking up. 

Last night, we had baked taters for dinner. I thought they would never get done. Something simple like that took forever. It we well worth the wait. 

I’ve been giving some thought more on my transition. But sure where to go on this yet but I’ll discuss with my wife. She hates reading it here before i talk to her about anything. So when i think of things she is asleep or at work and can’t talk. So by the time I do see her, it’s skipped my mind. Sometimes i remember stuff. But not always. I’m planning on the name change thing in a couple weeks. Shortly after thanks giving. This way that can be done and out of the way. So i can move on with the next part of my transition. I’ve got some help to fill out the papers on Monday so that will help that going. Then i should be all a set to go there. 

So as today progressed, i wound up telling for more folks at work. Two corp people and two local ops managers that i work with daily. Not a bad reaction at all. What i can tell. They actually seem excited. I even made mention of the next few weeks of changes. So it’s all seemingly good at this time. I’m actually ready to get this going. Yet I’m not sure they are. But they will just have to get over it. 

some times i think I’m like the only one in the little circle of friends i have who doesn’t get all depressed all the time. everyone i know that is trans send to always get bent out of shape over stuff all the time. maybe I’m just looney and should be committed. 

Well folks, it’s bed time. Have a great evening folks. 


Love Candi

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  1. I’ve been so out of it for the past many months. I’m slowly getting back into reading blogs (including yours) but before I forget, I wanted to be sure to let you know, that you’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy that you posted your photo for us all to see. 🙂 I love your bangs and your make-up. Both bring out your eyes. 🙂 Keep goin’ girl.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks very much. I’ve missed many of your posts. I do hope things are getting better for you. Stay strong hun.

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  2. littleannab says:

    I am glad I am not the only one behind. 🙂

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    1. candicejune says:

      I must be behind or something, cuz i have no idea what i wrote i was bhind on, lol.

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      1. littleannab says:

        Reading people’s blogs lol.

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      2. candicejune says:

        Oh yeah that. Work has me so scatter brained, that i on most days have no idea which way is up. LOL

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      3. littleannab says:


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