14 November Journal

Good morning folks it’s Monday. Dreaded o old Monday. I’m sure this morning if going to be a busy one with the temps being down again. But that’s life.

Yesterday, we got our reservations made and paid for our camping trip on Thanksgiving. We were shocked to find that the camp grounds are going to be full. There was only a couple spaces open. That left is with little to choose from. Yet it’s going to be great to get away. We only paid half price for the four days. That was wonderful. We will be out of cell phone and data range as well. Which we really need. A major disconnect. That is if you wanna call it that. Maybe it’s a reconnect to eachother. Hum, that’s sounding sweet isn’t it? Cozy camp fire, falling leaves, owls, sounds good to me actually. Not sure what we’re doing for dinner and all. But either way it’s going to be worth it. 

Well, I’ve got to get busy working again. I’m ready to just go to bed again. Feel like I’ve not had a day off in weeks. Anyway take care folks. Have a good day. 

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