13 November Journal

ITs sunday folks. OMG and I still have work to do for work. This is really getting kinda old. Though in other news, can you believe that Thanksgiving is like just over a week away. Christmas just over a month away. Holy crap folks, its been flying by this year hasnt it? 

As I watched the news today for the first time in a week. Which is as normal, as I dont watch the news. IT is so morbid these days. Today was no different, as i hear about riots and protests over the outcome of the election. If things were so bad, then why did the people vote for hime in the first place. Yes I realize the popular vote was for Clinton. However, the electoral states went to Trump. I personally am worried of what will and will not happen. If you were to sit back and think of this, why are we rioting? Because the candidates taught us to, by rioting on stage and in commercials about the other party. Not to mention that no matter which candidate got the votes, we were doomed. Please remember this too folks, the President alone cannot make changes. The house and senate have to vote in agreeance to such as well. That may be easy since the red controls the majority of both. That still doenst mean what is or isnt going to happen will come to fruition. In another way it may be a good thing that a non-typical party candidate made the white house. He got his money I hope by not being stupid. Not from handouts and political backing.WE may need some of what he could do for us, as well as we dont need some of the things that have been noted as well. Taking the stance on the LGBT community. There was alot of wishy washy about how he feels on this. We do not know how things will go. During this entire election cycle i never actually heard one direction or the other about the community from either candidate. But, not watching the stories every single day and keeping up to prevent depression didnt help either. Back to what I said earlier, we are screwed no matter which one got voted in, as both were clowns on the front end.

I cannot remember if i brought this up yesterday or not. I had a friend request from a person on facebook. I knew who they were, it is a cousin of mine. I was actually shocked that she wanted to add me as a friend. Growing up we never knew her. She somehow disappeared long long ago. My mother somehow found her, as she knew of her from grandma. THis was about 10 years or so ago. We all welcomed my cousin back into the family, as her father didnt ever speak of her. We dont know why he “abandoned” her. Ever since we knew her, she knew something was wrong with me. This per our talk friday evening. SHe felt I had a huge secret to let out. She seems at this time to be fully accepting. Of all the blood family members, she has to be the most accepting. As a male, I never really had to many friends. Actually, friends are a state of mind. Most people we know and say are friends, are actually nothing more than acquaintences. A select few will be a friend, and even less than that are your best friend.The kind that will accept anything you throw at them. So dont go taking that friendship for granted. IT can be ruined in less time than a blink of an eye. Anyhow, I seem to be having more people want to have something to do with me these days. I feel mostly because I am not the ass I once was. I am way more happy and open. I smile, from the heart and the soul these days. Maybe thats why. My cousin and I talked for a couple hours via chat, it was actually good. 

NExt on the list is facial hair. I am so sick of shaving, and our discussion lastnight at our meeting I am going to attempt a couple other things to see if it will be better. I hate shaving and in our talk, experience shows that laser isnt they way to go as it is not actually permanent. it has to be done regularly at first at 500 bucks a treatment. Then maintenance of every 6-12 months to keep it at bay. The good part is that you dont have to shave every day. And the talk reveals that the only real removal that is permanent is electolysys. YEah i know its spelled wrong, big deal. So I am going attempt a couple other things first. 

One last thing in the HRT bisexual realm. I have kept my mouth shut about cute people, male or female to not offend my wife. Some people are cute and yet I dont say much on this. My wife sees a cute guy, she says something. I do not. Maybe I should, but I am fearful of myself at times. Not to mention, I have not found a way to discuss this with her. 

So this is todays post. I am off to get ready to go do some work related things for a couple hours, grocery shopping, and we need to get a reservation to the camp site for thanksgiving provided they have an opening and we have the money. Hope you all have a good day.

Love Candi

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  1. Selina says:

    I am glad that you have someone in your family who is supportive of you. I have a cousin who from the time we were little, I knew he was different and didn’t care. When he came out, he made a big production of having “something to tell me” when he finally said “I’m gay” I was still waiting for the secret. He told me like 3 times and I got mad and said “Dude I KNEW THAT, what the hell is the secret!!!!” He cracked up laughing and we moved on…I was still upset that there was no big secret for a few days.

    But now, now we are close and I love him…his husband and his son. We aren’t as close as we should be but I am here if he needs and it sounds like she could be that way for you. Either way, know that a lot of us here are here for you and if you ever find yourself low on Facebook friends, feel free to look me up!


    1. candicejune says:

      I’ve thought about looking for people on Facebook and some that i know are on Fet as well. Though we get on Fet much anymore, and really don’t live the lifestyle we used to, we still keep in touch with a few folks on Fet. As far as the “dude i knew that” goes, my ex knew and told my sister years and years ago. So for them, wasnt a shock. Though my ex was excited to have have me finally come out. She wished I’d did and opened up sooner.


  2. Face up to it… electrolysis is the only way.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yup soon as i get the money and the time. That’s a tough act in it self

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