12 November Journal

Good Saturday morning folks. Yesterday became a busy day. Talking to my lovely wife yesterday evening, not a single person sad thanks for your service to her yesterday. Especially her co workers. She did spend time in the Navy, and yet people didn’t acknowledge her service. That really upsets me. Only one person said it to me. So i guess it’s not as honorable as i thouggt it was. Sometimes i wonder if it was even worth the sacrifice and pain i endured. Mistress feeling the same way. We stayed home and didn’t indulge in the free meals for such people. We hate the long lines anyway.

    Well, i have to go to work today. Until noon. So i will see what happens today. I’m flat worn out. I’m looking rather gruffy and not to fem feeling. Mostlyt because I’m tired. 

    Anyhow folks, I’ve got to get going. Get my work period over with and get home. I hope you all have a great day. 


    Love Candi

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    1. Selina says:

      I’m sorry no one acknowledged the sacrifice of both you and your Mistress/wife but I will say to ME it is/was a big deal that you were both willing to risk/give your lives to ensure our freedoms and that is priceless to me so THANK YOU both šŸ˜˜šŸ¤—

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    2. Cinn says:

      I agree with Selina. I’m a vet too. Thank you both for your service ā¤

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      1. candicejune says:

        Thanks for your service as well Cinn.

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    3. georgiakevin says:

      Candi please pass on to your dear wife my sincerest apolgies on behalf of all those unthinking people. i hope that she will accept my sincerest thank you to her for serving our nation soo well.


    4. georgiakevin says:

      Oh i am soo mad at myself i forgot to thank you for your service to our nation ma’am. Please know that i am truly grateful toyou boh.

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    5. georgiakevin says:

      i am sorry i meant that i am grateful to you both.


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