11 November Journal

Good Friday morning folks, TGIF. Though i have to work tomorrow. Which really sucks. That threw my entire weekend plans to the toilet. I am starting to feel much better. I’ve had to just decide not to let work bother me. Which has allowed sleep to come much easier. I’ve been attempting to get out of work at three or three thirty. Today I’ve got to stop at my other shop and get my uniforms so I’ll have clothes to wear. I’m just about in my last clean set. Or maybe I’ll just get them this weekend. We tend to drive by there at least once every weekend going to do something. 

I’ve not told anyone at the new location of my changes. That being the mtf transition. It’s going to have to be told yes, but it’s not happened yet. I’m thinking of waiting until i do the legal aspect of this. Which i plan to do here in the next few weeks. Then, I’ll probably have to go back to Texas and square away the vital records in Austin. Which is messed up totally already before my transition. The county didn’t send the info of adoption to the state. So the state has no record of who I’ve been for the last forty plus years. Other than my driver’s license, my birth records at the state level are that of pre adoption my dad. Though I’ve lived with my mom, my natural father signed away rights to my well being to the man known to me as my dad. So now i get fix this issue in the next year. I only learned of this issue two years ago when i was trying to change my DL from Texas to Tennessee. That turned into a four month long issue that nearly cost me my job. Good grief. 

Well lastly today, it’s veterans day. As a veteran, i should take the day off. But many of us work because our sense of duty prevails even years later. No matter what. Least the older ones of us. If you see a veteran or active duty person, say thanks for your service. Without them or us you would not enjoy the freedom of what ever it is you enjoy. 

Well folks its time to start the work i need to get done. Hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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  1. Selina says:

    Happy Veterans Day! πŸ’•πŸ€—


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