9 November Journal

Good morning folks, it’s humpday. Well at this point not really. Is actually tuesday evening. I don’t know anything about the election. 

But as i sit here, i remember an old grouchy man that i once worked with. He had some regrets in his life. He spent time in Korea. he has fallen in love with a girl and didnt bring her home. Who knows there may be a harry jr in Korea. He didn’t bring her home due to family rejection. So he lived another fifty years in misery of what could have been. He did marry a girl and as tone went by became bitter. How they survived i could never figure out. I bring up this bitter old man’s history because of a M.A.S.H. episode. I think of the years i spent being a bitter person. Before deciding to transition. The old man and his words rang kinda clear when someone said to me to do what makes me happy. Many years of making others happy left me empty and hollow. So since my decision and the hormones starting I’ve been happy. I’ve finally decided to not get all upset over my family rejection. Hell, I’ve been rejected in one way or another my whole life. Worst of all rejecting myself. Anyway, just something in my mind at this point. Not that it means much to anyone but me. With that ic will say I’m extremely happy about all this. But one thing that has me the happiest, my wife, who is staying with me. It’s really been tough on her. She has been a real trooper trying to make her own decisions. Ego still knows what may happen later, but she has decided to support me and to make this work some how. She has stuck with me as i went through the rollercoaster of emotions and decisions, the ups and downs and all the other BS i put her through. Some how we are surviving, not because of kids, or anything in that matter. It’s because ok the promise we made eachother. Support, honor and cherish eachother through sickness, poor, and the other things good and bad that have and will come, no matter what. That’s what love truly is. 

Now it’s Wednesday, and i am fearful of the out come from yesterday’s election. I have not turned on the news either. Yuck just yuck in the clowns that were running. Either way there outcome is not going to be good. Other than that folks, I’m just way to tired. The getting up earlier getting home later, and the time change has me worn out. It’s only Wednesday. I could work twenty hours a day and not get completed the things that need to be done. So everyday i plug away trying to find a way to make it better and get through things that are left to be done by the previous supervisor. 

And now it’s time to head to work. Hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    As always, just like when i read your other posts, i very much enjoyed reading your beautiful post!

    Liked by 1 person

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