8 November Journal

Good morning Americans it’s election day. May the Great Spirit have mercy on us. Why, you ask? Because this election cycle has been a joke. The candidates have not spoke of what they will do or attempt to do. Rather, they have just bad mouthed the opponent. The comedy of it all has been appalling. Any number of Disney, Warner Bros, or Hannah Barbera cartoon characters would be a better choice for us. Maybe even Bill Nye the science guy. Either way the candidates we do have are not worthy of the title of President in my opinion. 

In other news, HRT is going well. The breasts are a bit sore as usual. Which comes and goes up until now. Now it’s more come than go. As I’ve lost weight I’ve gained head hair. I’m down to 192-195 on the bathroom scale. I’m down two pant sizes. This is making finding pants even harder. Especially in my price range. They are hard to find at a 36″ inseam already. Even boy pants have been difficult. With the up in spiro dosage I’m more emotional than i was. I feel sometimes that I am reclusing again in some ways. I think it’s really the stress of work more than anything. But I’m getting through that. I’ve been working on that. My beard send to have slowed in growth lately. I’ve been noticing someplaces that the growth is becoming empty. Which is wierd. Hopefully it stay that way. The fact that i need to get rid of it is really in my forefront. Trust me, nothing worse than a five o’clock shadow coming through your make up while in the sun out doors. It sucks and it sticks out. like Cinderella at the ball. Though now instead of just a few short hours, I’ve got pretty much a whole day before i. Have to fix it.

 Well folks, is almost 4 am. It’s about time to head to work. 45 minutes of driving yuck. Then the craziness starts. I’m going to be diligent in not letting it get to me. We can only do so much in a day. After that we’re all worthless. Have a great day every one.


Love Candi

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