7 November Journal

Good Monday morning folks. This day is nice and chilly. Looks like I’m going to have to get up at three in the morning from now on. It’s the only way i can get my mornings going correctly.  I need to have time to do the morning rituals and get to work on time. This morning I deviated from my normal morning ritual. Yet i still had to rush to get out of the door. And i was still not here 15 minutes early like i was taught to be. I didn’t even drink my coffee as usual before i left. Oh well I’ll try something different tomorrow. Short of that is just been crazy as usual. 

Yesterday, i made some chilli. I thought it was great. Though it could have stood some more spicy to it. Added Frito chips to the bowl, cheese on top and it was pretty good. We went shopping at the grocery yesterday. I picked up one of my prescriptions. One was to early and the the other needed called back in by the doctor. Apparently i switched the bottles discarding the newer one. This had me to believe that i still had refills. Which i didn’t. So i have to Call the doc to get that refilled. and it’s still only 725. 

Well people, I’ve got to get working some more.  Have a great day!!


Love Candi

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