5 & 6 November Journal

Good Morning Everyone. It is saturday and its a bit chilly this morning. The sun is beautiful and the pink clouds in the sky this morning before the sun popped out was just gorgeous with all the trees in the forground. I did, as usual get out of bed about 3 or so this morning. Then I laid on the couch and passed back out until just after 6. Then I made some breakfast and coffee and watched the little rascals on the tv. Later After we did our bill thing for the morning I cleaned up the ktichen some, Mistress went to get her clothes sorted through an trash out the things that she will not wear or cannot wear. I think its going to be a Goodwill kinda day today. Provided we leave the house. LOL…… Maybe we should go to Ross also. I am in need of regular wear tops. 

In the fun department, I tried on a dress that SHe found in her closet. OMG, one it fits and two hey Ive got some hips showing. I havent had hips in years. I looked pretty good in that dress so I kept it. Now I need some shoes to go with it. Like I really NEED any shoes.

N now it’s Sunday morning. I woke up for several reasons. Mostly due to a night mare. One that warns me of accepting this new position. A day at work in that position where everything was going wrong, then i crashed a bus with my self and my boss in it. Falling off a short cliff, we survive yet the job doesn’t seem to give a crap. I’m still gut torn over this dream. It’s left me wondering what should i do. I’m needed in that position, yet the short handed personnel issues make me feel it’s a way to get canned. I need my job, yet I’m not thinking this is the correct path. I did want this position two years ago. Now that things have progressed, and inexperienced people have been place into the position, it’s turned into a monster from hell. With everything messed up and an audit would surely spell my termination. I’ve got to send an email to my boss with my concerns. So i really d do need to sit here and do that. The stress of the way things are is killing me already. I just sent my boss an email. Maybe he will see it. Maybe he will call and we can get this discussed and done. 

Anyway, yesterday turned into a wonderful day together with my lovely and always sexy Mistress. We cleaned out and donated clothes. 4 boxes of clothes between the two of us. We did lunch at a quaint little place we love. And then went to do some shopping. I’ve got some well fitting tops, Mistress got some pants and a shirt. She really didn’t want much no matter how i tried. I got a long sleeve Sweater type top that has gray, black and yellow stripes on it. I wore it last night to the movies. I really like how I look in that top. I really love that top already. I have a couple other tops i bought, I need to wear them and MIstress picked them out saying they are cute to I will wear one today. We came home and napped for a bit then went to the Drive-in to see a movie. We really did have a great day. I saw Mistress smiling rather brightly last night. That was the most wonderful sight of the whole day. YAY!!!!

Well Folks I am hungry and going to fix breakfast. What sucks is that its an hour earlier than what the clocks say. Well The clocks that i didnt set back that is. I hope you all have a great day. 

Love Candi

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