4 November journal

Good morning folks, it’s Friday. I’m a bit stressed out and restless this morning. It’s got nothing to do with my transition either. It’s the new position that I’ve not actually fully assumed yet. There things going around that have me concerned about the fruitfulness of this position. Apparently I have already upset folks. What has me disturbed on these accusations is I’ve not said anything to anyone especially the ops people. I’ve asked questions of the maintenance folks, trying to get a feel of what’s going on. Short of that i haven’t done anything. Maybe that’s the issue, I’m not sure. I do know the ops folks avoid me like i got some kind of disease. The grapevine states, that the mantenance folks are wishing to leave. This makes me feel that the position is not worth the trouble. The way things should have been dealt with two years ago didn’t happen. Now it’s a screwed up disaster of a monster. I’m not sure it can be fixed.  This is why my last post yesterday was short. The balls to the wall type of environment is not healthy or leaving time to write and get there feelings on paper. 

Well it’s Friday, and this morning the wind is blowing. I do think a cold front is finally coming in. It’s been rather warm here for this time of year. From what I’ve tad on the weather reports, is finally going to be cool for a while. The sun is supposed to shine today. Maybe just maybe this day will be better than what’s in my gut. Now I’m off to get my day started. You all have a great day.


Love Candi

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