3 November journal

Good Thursday morning people. Yesterday was a bit tiring. Not sure if it was from getting up at three am. Or just the feeling of not getting anything done. I did learn that the structure at the new location sucks. There is no drive by the two employees to accomplish anything. Not to mention the manager the isn’t really caring anymore. So today, I’ve got to do my write ups for the two that are there. Giving the lay out of what i expect. also so they know I’m not going to play to many games with all this. We don’t have time. 

Otherwise things seem to be ok. My Pedialyte regimine is helping. I don’t feel super drained and cruddy. Though yesterday I spent most of the day running to pee. I had to much coffee and water. 

Well now that I’ve lost track of what I am talking about I’m ending here.  A have a great day folks.


Love Candi

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