2 November journal

Good morning folks, it’s hump day. Yay!!!!

I’ve been moving and importing my old blog to this one. It’s soon to be deleted. I’m integrating the old and new me here. Because it’s me, a part of me no matter what. It’s part of the journey I’ve had to happiness that is now me. Frankly, without it, i wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be the snooty Amazonian bitch today lol. Anyway it’s been great. 

Work is taking me pretty good. I’ve been telling folks as time allows or of it seems that they are about to question things. Sometimes a new lesson will ask my name. I tell them then add “for now” at the end. Then i get a look. One lady asked me if i was going to change it to Christine, i replied maybe. She started laughing and said to each their own and walked away. My boss about fell out of his chair laughing. my cohort who is leaving, and whos place i am taking didnt even bat an eye. I think it went right over his head. I have gotten to where if you like me you do. If you don’t then it’s no skin off my nose. I don’t go home with ya and you can walk away or not. My boss asked when i was goIng to let the of maintenance. That’s coming soon. Still working on the the logistics of all that. Along with name change and dl, bank, insurance and all the other crap that will have to be adjusted.

Ive gotten To the new location on time. Sadly no one else other than operators. Glad just now I was given the info to get the keys andh get in. I feel better now. I just all but exploded needing to pee. Anyway, we’ll see how this place goes. i need to be getting busy. Have a great day everyone!


Love Candi

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