1 November journal

Good morning everyone it’s tuesday. Can you believe it’s November already? Halloween was last night. Like you really needed to be reminded. I got home and got ready. I did pick up a witch hat on the way home. So i got ready and was glad to hand out candy to all the little trick ort treaters. We sure didn’t need to keep candy here at home. We are losing weight and having fun. Definitely don’t need five pounds of chocolate candy around the house. Usually that stuff goes bad on us or we sit around eating and getting fat. Actually we don’t eat much in the sweets department. Even when I make brownies i take them to work to get rid of them. Anyway ba ck to costumes, Mistress was a sexy Dr. Seuss thing 1. Unfortunately i didn’t get any pics of her. She was burning up when she got home and quickly removed the costume. She had fun at work and i had to be dirty and nasty at work. But the evening turned into great fun. 

This picture makes me look like a sophisticated horse track Lady. Oh well.

I’ve got to go to the new location today. I am not looking forward to that. Things there are so messed up that it’s going to be a long road to hoe. So basically its kinda like moving day for me. I’m going to attempt to make the best of things out there. I am looking at the fact that i may have to change my coffee regimine. I am drinking to much of it any way, and i may not have time to drink the first half of my pot in the morning before i leave for work. 

Well folks, i guess that’s the world today for me. Other than the up coming election, which either way is going doom this country, there isn’t much else to write about. Hope you all have a great day.


Love Candi

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  1. Kentucky Derby or the Royal Ascot. Either one, you looked fabulous.

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