30 October Journal

Good morning folks its Sunday. Or is it Sin day. LOL Well I can say that we are hung over. Mistress more than myself. But I woke up with a head ache and feeling like i got hit by a train. Mistress is sick to her stomach for not eating before we went out. Now she cant eat much because, well, Alcohol does that to someone. I didnt think two beers would have got me like that, though i do think i was dehydrated before we left the house. I also feel I am still trying to adjust to the increase in spiro. 

We had a blast last night and a few friends popped in on us. It turned into a great evening. The costumes last night were great. Everyone had something on. I was really happy to see a Native American Costume. The Costume was very well done. The other one that was just great was a couple, they came in one being dressed as a deer. I thought oh a Christmas theme how cool, Boy was I wrong….. The other person was all in black and had those pop button lights they used to advertise that were round on her boobs. With that 3-4 white stripes on the middle of the top running up to the lights. Then it hit me and several others, this was the deer in the headlights costume.

Now its like 415pm. Dinner on the stove, cooking in the dutch oven. Yes dutch oven as a pot on the stove. MAking a gumbo type of soup. Maybe its really not cajun gumbo, but more a hobo stew. IT sure does smell good. Laundry is put away, clothes have been gone through and boxed. The ones to big in one box, boy clothes in another. Other than some t-shirts, there are no boy clothes left of daily wear. THere are some jackets and coats left and of course my Class “A” military uniform. I will never get rid of that item. I work ed hard to earn that uniform and it will not go away unless I can get it replaced with a womans uniform. Though i was not in the military as a woman I do not see that as approriate. There may be a circumstance where it may be needed to wear a uniform for some reason. If that day comes i guess I may have to make that change. but right now, it isnt going to happen.

I am rather tired today. I get bursts of energy and got some things done. Yay for that, It had to get done. We as a couple have been letting a few things go with out staying on top of them. THings have gotten rather cluttered around here. Its driving me nuts actually. Yet I dont do anything about it due to the fact that much of the clutter needs to go into the garbage.I do need a nap, but, its to close to bed time to do that. So I think it is. Sometimes just a nap of 30 minutes is enough to refresh a person. 

On the HRT Front, My breasts are staying sore these days. The up in dose on my Spiro has seen to that. Just as the Doctor has stated. It isnt unbearable, so I dont worry about it. They have been growing at a rather steady rate now too it seems. I am not going to get into it too deep and I do need to make some measurements. I keep those measurements written down in my little HRT Book. I try to keep a person analog diary of the progress. BUt with everything being so digitized  these days, I keep more updates on this blog than I do in the book. Anyway in this I have noticed that many of my friends that are trans, and some that are not trans, are all in a depressive mood lately. I dont have a clue why, other than maybe its in the air. I know I had my share of it lately too. Anyway I am good today. As long as i am not at work, I am usually pretty good in spirits. 

Well Folks, I am tired and I need to check dinner. Its about time to get into that evening frame of mind. Hope you all have a great evening. 

LOVE Candi

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  1. You mentioned depression and others suffering from it. So strange. Just a couple of days ago I was simply overcome by it. I actually had to pull over to the side of. the road and cry it out. No reason that I could pinpoint. Just an overwhelming event. By the end of the day, though, it had dissipated.

    i reported similar events at my last visit and the doc said that is to be expected. As long as it’s not over an extended period not to worry. Good to know… but it still feels like shit when it happens.


    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah it stinks when that comes around. I’ve had my own bouts here and there. It usually is traced to some small event that i didnt think much of at the time. Though i have found talking different things here and there no matter how trivial makes a large difference. The blog here is my daily coping mechanism. There might not even be anything that is a trigger on me. But just the general bs is good enough.


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