29 October Journal

Good morning Folks its saturday. The sun isnt awake but i am as usual. 5 am on the weekends gets a touch old sometimes. Unlike others who can sleep till well after the sun comes up, I cannot. ANyway its nothing to be bent out of shape about. Its just how i am. Truthfully I do enjoy it. ITs a peaceful time of day. until you turn on the news.

SPeaking of the news, Many of you may be aware of the issues going on in the american state of South Dakota. I have seen some things that break my heart. The Government of the country wants to take away the things we need to protect ourselves. If you watch the videos and news reels of what is happening at this time at Standing Rock, you will see why they want to take away your 2nd amendment rights. Proof POsitive that the government cannot be trusted. The Native American people have been fighting this forked tongue approach to life from the white man since the late 1700s. Instead of being able to live in peace together, the whites have forced the natives off their land more than once. Created treaties in the expansion of the white christianity, and white life. Being killed in droves, fed as little as humanly possible, and given the worst of the worst of land. I am personally ashamed of the white man blood in my veins, and hold on hard to the red man blood have. I have always felt this way about how things were in the days of the old west. Now I see, that the government has not changed its way of thinking to the Native Americans. Thursday, using extreme force on unarmed protesters protecting the last little piece of land from the treaties of the late 1800s. Standing Rock is getting the blunt of this crap again and I feel bad for the people there. History shows that the goverment has taken and taken from the Native Americans, never ever giving back even a decent fraction of what was and has been taken. The great trail of tears and forced relocation to oklahoma territory was short lived. The land of the oklahoma area was soon opened by the government to the whites for the taking. Leaving little for the natives relocated there. It is just sad that the government is still doing that to them even today. We are talking all this equality stuff and yet here we are attacking protesters with more weapons and force than is needed. Makes you wonder what is next on the agenda. I could go on forever, but the fact remains, the Native Americans will always be pushed to the bottom of the list in everything. STAND FOR STANDING ROCK>

Well I am not sure what we have planned on this day. I have some things I need to do. There are a few things we want to do, and, who knows if we will do it or not. Well I have kinda lost track of where i wanted to go with this post. Other than what i typed up above. Well folks have a great day. We will either way no matter what do or not do. LOL

Love Candi

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