28 October journal

Good morning folks it’s Friday. Can you believe it’s Friday? Wow this week has passed by like crazy. I’m kinda lost at this point as to what to write about. Things seem to be ok. Everything is as it should be. 

I’ve Gotten my letter from the doctor. At his request I’ve got a desperate need to get my ID changed. Due to the changes in my features compared to what my ID shows, he says if i get pulled over or something that requires me to provide my ID to a member of law enforcement, I will have an issue. I don’t look much like I did when the ID was issued. So i am planning on getting this done quickly. Though i have not made a set date. I did inform my boss of the need to do so. He has no problem with it. So I’ve got to sit down, do the paper work. Practice signing my new name and work on a date for the passport photo. So i can get that done immediate after the court so i can go get the ID and other paper work done. Holy crap it’s alot of things to do. Well enough on that subject, other than I’ve not got much idea what to do. 

Lastly next week is going to be hell. Got to get the new person up to snuff where I’m at then go to the new location and get up to snuff on that my self, then maybe i  can get into a routine of things. Not sure how well that’s all going to work. But anyway it is what it is. 

Have a great day folks, 


Love Candi

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  1. Lucky you. I’m jealous. I’m not bothering with a name change because in order to get my driver’s license I would need a letter from my doctor I’ve either had SRS or will have SRS. Without the driver’s license I have no need. I COULD change my passport, social security, even my military retirement card… but that wouldn’t do me any good without the driver’s ID so in case I’m pulled over. Hopefully that will change when this country gets it together.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Oh well, i never had a passport. And you don’t need to have the gender change papers to change your name. Without those papers you just cannot change the gender on your ID. Name changing doesn’t require that paper.

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      1. The name change is a snap. Not even any court appearance here. Just that damn drivers license, the one important paper i want as i drive around looking a whole lot different from my dead name LOL

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      2. candicejune says:

        Yup that’s where o have my issue.

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