26 October journal

It’s humpday. Wow this week is half completed. Well almost. It was another long day yesterday as well. I did manage to get out of work at 10 hours. Though i didn’t think it was going to happen. 

We siren spent yesterday evening cooking dinner together. I had the mashed potatoes done by the time Mistress got home. She did the chicken strips and when she was almost done i made the gravy. It was a great dinner. Very tasty and enjoyable from start to the last dish in the the dishwasher. Who thought we could have that much fun cooking. 

One of the things i’ve learned through my life, and especially when coming out as a trans woman, is to try and see yourself through the eyes of others. This i bring up for several reasons. One is the betterment of going out and about without being noticed. I’ve known a few people that get bent out of shape for being misgendered. I do to honestly, but i look at my self and try to see where i may have goofed in my look or something. I cannot expect to be called ma’am if i go out in a ball cap, unshaved, no make up and boy clothes. If i feel my trip to the corner store is going to get me sir’ed then I’m just not going to worry about it. For many who are just in the beginning of transistion, you really do need a thick skin. Because it’s going to happen. You will get misgendered. Your look and others including myself, will have to learn make up, clothes, breast forms and how to wear them to look right, and how to walk, talk and act. All of this adds up to the entire picture of feminity. It really does take growing into it no matter how old we are, we still have to  grow as a female. As that happens and the look you achieve becomes more naturally feminine, the more you will be gendered correctly. Also remember, that your confidence has alot to do with it to. Until then, accept the misgengering as a constructive criticism. When you get home, look at yourself and try to see where it may have gone wrong. I know i had to do that my self and still do on occasion. Getting bent out of shape will only drive you nutty. This piece is mostly for the ones that are just starting to accept themselves and beginningthe long road of transition. 

Well folks, it’s time to get back to working. There is plenty for me to do and i am not getting it done sitting here writing this post. Have a great day!


Love Candi

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  1. Excellent advice, Candijune

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    1. candicejune says:

      I was hoping to give a boost to people and help us all.

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